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Boycott As A Tool Of Resistance To Religious Violence

Source: – @brakoo / Twitter.

“Many Hindus call me about their problems and I help them out the best I can, and I shall continue to do so. But the Hindu society for which I struggle, and the members of my group work for, even beget enmity, how many Hindus from this society come of their own volition and… say, “Here’s a 100 rupees from me too for Hindu society”? Not even one. I am very indebted to my karyakartas, who despite being poor, despite being unemployed, struggle for the cause of Hindutva and give strength (to me). Otherwise this society is sleeping, perhaps dead. But I, or volunteers for the bhagwa cause like me, are helpless, in that we are alive! How will we protect such an ungrateful and selfish society? It is indeed worrying that a society is unwilling to spend, forget 10%, even 1% to protect itself, its families, its wealth… its culture and its dharma!

If this bankrupt society, which is looting itself in expensive weddings and false pride, gets annihilated, don’t blame Hindu sanghatan such as ours. Because on the one hand there is zakat and bumper funding to both Abrahamic religions… and on the other hand, a society spending its income indiscriminately on pleasures… beware.

Jai Shri Ram!”

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