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Is India A Soft Target For Missionary Activities? | Sankrant Sanu | Joshua Project | #HinduCharter

I have noticed in recent times. They have cleaned it up a little bit. So, the older court might not be still available because they are trying to make it a little more palatable. But this is the basic Crux of the matter and India has the largest number of target groups in Joshua Project. They have something called the 10/40 window.

What is the 10/40 window? It is the window between 10 degree north latitude and 40 degree north latitude. This is the 10/40 window which had the most number of unconverted people. Out of those a lot of, if you look at it, a lot of those are Islamic countries, which do not allow the proselytization to happen. So India is the number one biggest target and the most easy target of the conversion war right and so they have the kind of detail they have, 100 and 2480 Bhatia people in Sikkim, 47000 share Pal, 162000 Tibetan Buddhist, 3165200 Bania Jains, 3.4 million Aurora’s for so they have like gone and done like very-very detailed and then it’s on every village level.

They’ve done how many of each community are there. How do you target them? How do you talk to a Jain versus how do you talk to a Sikh person? All of that is in very-very detailed. They have strategized it, and this strategized over decades. In fact, there is an entire field of theology, which is mission studies, right? So, they have colleges of professors, researchers, academy decisions that are looking at research on how do you convert somebody missionology? What is the Christology, Missionology? How, what is the oldest strategy deploy in India? Also, there are colleges, entire colleges that train Missionaries right on conversion.

So, all the way down to tribal Mongpa, 850 people or they’re there, the banjaras they are targeting or than a look at, I looked at the targeting of Banjara. There is something really sad feeling that came because it’s such a rich wealth of tradition of custom and once you say, you have to leave all that in and only Jesus is valid the whole thing starts to shift. You cannot have the same kind of devotion. You cannot have the same kind of music. You cannot have the same kind of dance all of that Is gets destroyed. So it’s not just saying all of you except one. God take another god, but is an entire ecosystem that gets destroyed. It’s part of that conversion. It’s also important to realize that the maximum conversion has happened over the last 50 years. For instance, in Africa, after the colonization ended.

Even in India more conversion has happened after Independence than happened before independence. Most of the Nagas people were also converted after Independence, in Northeast. All of the northeast is converted after Independence. Now, this is a huge effort in the South. There’s a huge effort in the Punjab.

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