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The Moplah Genocide Of Hindus: An Eternal Reminder | Sandeep Balakrishna |Malabar Riot

The project of wholesale distortions of the history of medieval Muslim atrocities in India ranks as one of the greatest subversions of the Hindu psyche. However, what does it show when even a comparatively recent event like the barbaric genocide of Hindus in Malabar at the hands of Moplah Muslims is whitewashed and more or less buried? Most of our history textbooks and other texts simply refer to this horrific mass murder merely as a “rebellion.”

This lecture attempts to dig out the real facts of this tragic genocide using primary sources and eyewitness reports and other material to expose the real truth behind the mass murder of Malabar Hindus.

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Savage rape, dishonor, Slaughter and slavery of Hindu women fleeing Hindus alive wholesale slaughter of men, women, children and infants. Forcibly converting Hindus en masse or killing those who refuse to convert, throwing half dead people into wells with no chance to escape for these four half dead victims have to struggle for hours, literally hours, till they finally died. Basically Gandhi support to the Khilafat movement can be captured in just one sentence – ‘no matter how outrageous, no matter how extreme, hindus had to blindly accept every single demand of the Muslims, even if it meant their death or sense of History must be integrated and unbroken in order for us to make sense of both the past and the present and hopefully draw some lessons for the future’.

Moplah Genocide of Malabar Hindus

So my objective here is to give a kind of overview of the Moplah Genocide of Hindus because this is a largely forgotten tragic chapter of comparatively recent history and we need to spend some time trying to understand the stuff the processes all the events that led to it. So from that perspective, I have divided my lecture into five broad categories. So the first is the historical backdrop that led to this and the second is to give a very brief account of the upheaval during the British colonial era and the third I’ll talk about some faces of the Indian Freedom struggle with particular emphasis on the role played by Ali brothers and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The fourth I’ll give you some specific details about the actual Moplah Genocide and fifth I’ll conclude by giving a few tidbits of the kind of civilizational lessons that we can take from the Moplah genocide of Hindus.

So the first thing to note about today’s topic is to correctly call it by its real name. As most of you are aware and this is what our history textbooks also say from childhood. It talks about something called a Moplah Rebellion. That’s all they say that there is some kind of random Moplah rebellion. This is what the textbooks tell us, but the correct name and the full name is the Moplah Genocide of Malabar Hindus.

So, who are the Moplah or who were the Moplah? The term Moplah is actually an English corruption, mispronunciation or other English pronunciation of a Malayalam term called Mappila, which literally means son-in-law, ‘Damaad’. The origins of the Mappila or Moplah can be traced back to roughly the 8th or the 9th century, during which period Kerala Malabar Coast had a thriving trade and commercial links with the Arabs. So over the centuries and with continuous interaction with the Arab merchants and other people from that region, some Malabar Hindus were either forcibly converted into Islam and many cases Arab Merchants who had permanently settled in Malabar eventually began to marry Hindu women. This is how they got the name Mappila, which means son-in-law.

So over the course of time the Arabs lost their hold over trade and commerce in the Malabar region and they were overtaken by the Portuguese and fast forward to the 18th or the 19th century the Mappilas had spread to various parts of Kerala. But they were mostly concentrated in the Malabar region and because their status is former rich traders and merchants had declined, they began to look for other jobs. Some of them became mercenaries and fighters for hire some people work for Hindus zamindars. They worked in the fields, did manual labor.

When Tipu Sultan invaded the Malabar and completely burned it to the ground, he forcibly took some Mappilas along with him and resettled them in Coorg because Coorg was at that time a hundred percent Hindu. He forcibly resettled the Mappilas in Coorg in order to enforce a demographic change. Even today we have a separate category of people in Coorg who are known as Kodava Mappilas, which means Mappilas has belonging to Coorg. That inspite of the fact that there is no word called Mappila in either Kannada or Kodava language, this happened during Tipu Sultan time.

So by the early and the mid 19th century the Mappilas had become a recurring source of trouble, concern and the perpetual danger for the Malabar Hindus, especially living in the villages because they were constantly raiding, unexpected plundering,  kidnapping Hindu women, raping them. So which is why the colonial British Administration kept an extremely close watch on the Mappilas especially during the period known as the Mappila’s outbreak. Now, this is another mysterious term Mappilas outbreak. We don’t know what the hell that really means. What do you mean an outbreak that lasted for nearly a century? What does it even mean? So we’ll come to that as we go on. So this so-called outbreak lasted roughly for a century beginning sometime in 1836 and culminating in 1921 the precise year of the Moplah Genocide of Hindus. So this I hope as a brief historical background to set the context for today’s discussion and now we can directly jump to the subject.

The year is 1918 and the destructive first world war is almost ending and one of the most important milestones that marked in the end of the first world war was something called a Armistice of Mudros, which has signed on 30th October 1918. Mudros is a small town in Greece today, but used to be an important neighbor base for several centuries including the First World War and this Armistice of Mudros, Treaty marks the end of the hostilities between the Allied Forces and the Turkish Ottoman Empire. One of the important conditions of the Armistice of Mudros was the partitioning of the Turkish Ottoman Empire also known as the Ottoman caliphate. The actual partition occurred in something called the Treaty of Sevres which was signed in August 1920 in a porcelain Factory in the town of Severus in France.

This treaty eventually gave rise to the new independent nations, which are since come to be known as Syria, Lebanon and Yemen among other small nation states in that region. So with this treaty, with this Armistice the 400 year long Turkish caliphate or the Ottoman caliphate, of the Ottoman Empire came to a crashing end. So the sultan who was ruling during that time in the treaty, somebody named Sultan Muhammad the 6th. According to term of the armistice he was allowed to merely retain his position and his title but was virtually powerless.

So something else was happening during this time. The people of Turkey the ordinary citizens of Turkey saw this Armistice as a great National humiliation and they held the sultan responsible for it and they directed their anger against the Sultan and this was this movement as it instant intensified. Mustafa Kemal Pasha became the head of this movement. So the Sultan panicked and he rang up his cousin named Abdul Majeed and overnight he declared that Abdul Majid is the caliph or the Khalifa of whatever was left of the Ottoman Empire. That was a desperate hope to quill the anger of his citizens. But this move only backfired against him in a very bad way because by that time the entire Muslim World in that region including the Arabs and some in Egypt had completely rejected the caliph’s authority and this is where our story really begins. So the abolition of the Ottoman caliphate caused a massive shock in the most unlikely place on the Earth.

India, not an independent India, which was then the colony of the Imperial British but more specifically in India. It cost panic in an extremely influential section of Indian Muslims, to these Muslims the evaluation of the Ottoman Empire. They felt like almost Earth had opened up under them and threatening to swallow them. So this is where it becomes important for all of us to have what I call a sense of history and there’s no greater error than looking at history in isolation, looking at it historical events in a fragmented piecemeal fashion. Our sense of History must be integrated and unbroken in order for us to make sense of both the past and the present and hopefully draw some lesson for the future.

So coming back to the present context this sense of History also reveals an important truth. The truth is the significance of the Ottoman caliphate for the Indian Muslims of those days. So we need to ask this obvious question. Why was the caliphate so important to Indian Muslims, even when the Arab world had rejected the caliphate so thoroughly? Why was it so important for Indian Muslims? So the answer to this question dates back all the way to Muhammad Bin Qasim, the first alien Muslim Invader to conquer Sindh and then all of us know all the successive waves of alien Muslim Invaders who established Muslim empires in different parts of India of different sizes all the way up to the Mughals all the way up to Aurangzeb and of course Tipu Sultan. So without exception all Muslims Sultan swore loyalty to the caliph. Remember that the caliph had sponsored the early Invaders funded their armies. They said we are going to conquer Hindustan and put the sword of Islam here.

So these entire Sultan’s they swore loyalty to the Khalifa for at least six centuries. They sent him annual tributes in the form of money, gold, jewelry ,horses and even women and slaves because that Middle East region had a thriving slave market. So and some of the Sultan’s also minted coins in India bearing the name of the Khalifa. The caliph also played an extremely Central role in the Muslim ummah, which means the global Muslim Brotherhood because he was not a new political leader. The Khalifa as also seen as the religious protector and enforcer of Islam in the world, wherever Muslims showed there in the world. This was the centrality and the role of enjoyed by the Khalifa. So to put in different fashion the term Khalifa or Calif also means that he’s a Khalifa, the Protector of Islam and not just a Khalifa of the Ottoman Turks.

So his reach was global, his authority was kind of universal if you want to take their version of it, but with a comprehensive disintegration of the Mughal when faster Aurangzeb died, the Muslim leadership in India noticed with great sadness that their magnificent project of Islamizing all of Hindustan was systematically coming apart. Even to this day and I am not making this up, even to this day in both Pakistan and India the lament among significant section of Muslim leadership is the death of Aurangzeb. In fact, one of the tactics that the British had used to ensure the Loyalty of Muslims towards them was to convince the Muslims that they the Muslims were the real rulers of Hindustan and that we the British are your protectors. Without us your Islam will go, you are the real ruler of Hindustan and if we move out of the scene the barbaric Hindus will throw you out. This was one of the tactic, British used to keep their loyalty and so when the Armistice of Mudros ended the Ottoman caliphate. It also made the Indian Muslims extremely nervous and very very angry. So what did they do?

They decided to do something about it and what was that something? It begins roughly in 1919 when a man named Muhammad Ali Jauhar led a delegation of Indian Muslims to London. He petitioned and, no he didn’t petition, he demanded the British government to restore the caliphate and obviously it was a colonial British government. They laughed at him and dropped his demand in the dustbin. So, obviously Muhammad Ali Jauhar was very angry at this kind of rejection and from this rejection, something called a Khilafat committee was born. The demand of the Khilafat committee was straight forward, a complete boycott and protests against the British government in India until the caliphate was restored. So it is clear that, from the very beginning there was nothing nationalistic, there was nothing patriotic, or there was nothing Indian about the Khilafat committee. It’s ultimate goal was to serve up an Islamic cause and all means, all methods, all tactics are completely valid. Nothing was out of bounds. So this is a brief story of the origin of what later became the Khilafat movement.

Muhammad Ali Jauhar or Muhammad Ali along with his elder brother Shaukat Ali Jauhar or Shaukat Ali Came to be popularly known as The Ali Brothers. The Ali Brothers planned, lead and executed the Khilafat movement from the front. Now Muhammad Ali was no ordinary guy. He was educated both in the Islamic whatever education system and then even to Oxford, got educated there, took higher education, came back here. He served as some kind of a bureaucrat in the Baroda government before he was also one of the founder president of the all India Muslim League, which should all of you know, was directly responsible for partition.

So both Ali brothers played a pioneering role in expanding the influence of the Aligarh Muslim University and the Jamia Millia Islamia, which regularly sends journalists to a tv studios. Their graduate comes to occupy a tv studio. So this is how they came to prominence, is how these institutions were building. So by the time the Ali Brothers launched the Khilafat committee, their authority in the Muslim community, in the Muslim leadership was nearly unchallenged. But the Ali Brothers spent two frustrating years from the rejection in 1919 to 1921, but they did not get disheartened. They told all of India, trying to analysis nationwide support for the Khilafat cause. But they met with little success among the masses. Then what happened.?

Suddenly unconditional support came from extremely unexpected quarters. This support was what transformed the Khilafat committee into the Khilafat movement. It was just a committee, and then it became a movement. All thanks to this one major unconditional support and the name of this supporter was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. So Gandhi’s support was like a booster dose for the Khilafat movement and because Muhammad Ali, the Ali Brothers now had the support of a significant mass of Hindus. Till then Muslims were blind sided with them obviously, but now this booster dose came in the form of significant mass support from Hindus, those Hindus who blindly trusted Gandhi’s words thinking that they were actually supporting the freedom struggle against the British.

So some of the stuff and I was going to the primary records and it’s available everywhere on the internet also. Some of the stuff that Gandhi said in praise of Muhammad Ali reads like a steamy romantic novel. This is one example, when he first meets Muhammad Ali and I quote Gandhi’s words:

“When I met Muhammad Ali, when I met Maulana Muhammad Ali for the first time, it was love at first sight”.

This is what Gandhi is written. It’s recorded. So but when Gandhi thought that he was using Muhammad Ali to achieve something called Hindu – Muslim Unity, Muhammad Ali was extremely clear from day one about his objectives, while he was busy seducing Gandhi. He also kept the Muslim Community in a constant state of preparedness for war and he developed an extensive network of imams, maulana, mullahs and other Muslims religious preachers throughout the country. Remember this was undivided India. The part that we lost to Pakistan is 33% of undivided India. Throughout this vast landmass Ali brothers were successfully cultivating an extraordinary Network.

So from Lahore to Malabar, the message and the intent on their part was very clear: be prepared for aggression at any time. So you must read the entire account written by Muhammad Ali himself – various speeches and pamphlets and stuff like that. It will be clear the level of planning and the precise steps for execution was truly extraordinary. So in the summer of 1920 the Ali Brothers launched a series of conferences meetings and highly provocative public speeches address to the Muslim community, various parts of India to restore the Khilafat. So, I’ll give you a couple of examples to show the mood of that period.

So, it was March 1920 and the location is Malegaon, Maharashtra, a Khilafat subcommittee formed, a local chapter of Khilafat formed and a body of volunteers was attached to that committee and the committee’s activities were divided into two parts. Part 1 – a series of wajaaz or Islamic sermons. Part 2 – enlisting door to door support for the Khilafat movement. This door to door support included going knocking on the door of Hindu. The threat was unsaid, your great leader Gandhi is with us. Will you be with us or not? So… and both 1 and 2 usually successful, but the local authority appointed by the British was somebody known as Resident Magistrate. His name was Mr Thakkar and he noted with each day tone, telling, forcing violence in the speeches was escalating. So he decided to do something about it.

After a particular round of highly provocative speech, Mr. Thakkar convicted 6 Islamic preachers on April 25, 1920. Here what happened next. I will quote from the original, this is by a Sri Sankaran Nair. He talked in detail about the various consequences that had happened both up to the built up Khilafat and including the Moplah Genocide. So I quote a Muslim of quickly corrected and gave wind to the feeling by loud cries of allahuh akbar. This was the war cries used by the mob throughout the riots, they assured all the police to be found in the town of Malegaon, burned the temple, killed the sub- inspector of police and threw his body into the fire and looted the house of all poor who opposed to the Khilafat Movement. All the Hindu owned had fled in the mean time.

So in the short span what happen in the Malegaon slowly began to spread. The next incident, a similar incident is repeated in Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh where almost entire Hindu community was barbarically targeted as usual shops were looted, house were burned, men was slaughtered, women were raped. The idea on the path of Ali brother was to keep these flamed and continuously. They should be no let down in the provocation. In one revealing speech Mohammad Ali said the following and i quote:

‘if the afghans invaded India to wage a holy war, the Indian Mohammadan are not only bound to fight them but also fight with Hindus. If they refused to cooperate with them’.

Now how different is this from Tipu Sultan letter to Afghan king Zaman Shah inviting him to invade India and launch a holy war. How different is it ? So in fact Shaukat Ali travelled down far to Srirangapatana. He visited Tipu Sultan Dargah and preyed to him for the strength and after the prayer he made a speech given a brief extract.

“We had come here to Srirangapatna for peace pilgrimage, it included a visit to the secret grave of Tipu Sultan , he is our national hero”.

So who celebrates Tipu Sultan today as national hero on freedom fighter think about it. The Khilafat conference that had happened in Karachi on 9th july 1921. In another public speech Mohammad Ali urged the serving Muslim soldiers in the British Army in the following words.

“This meeting clearly proclaims that it is every way religiously unlawful for a Musalman at the present moment to continue in the British army or to induce others to join the Army and it is the duty of all Musalman in general and ulemas in particular to see that these religious Commandments for both home to every Musalman in the army had to declare independent” Muslim Republic after the Congress session in December 1921 in Ahmedabad”.

Please remember this note about the December 1921 Congress session of Ahmedabad. So but the British kept a continuous and tight watch on the activities of the Ali brothers and after this speech which was the incitement to rebellion in the army. No government will tolerate that. After this speech the government immediately put both Ali Brothers in jail and the judge who sentenced them to imprisonment said Muhammad Ali and Shaukat Ali maintained that first their religion compels them to go certain acts. Secondly that no law which restrains them from doing those acts which their religion compels them to do have any validity, I will break it down dated English I will break it down. The import is clear as daylight. In another word the Ali Brothers and their message to the Muslim Community was this “you should obey no law other than the law of Allah”. All man-made laws have no validity, this was a message.

So and while all this was happening, should we really believe that Gandhi was actually unaware of the ongoing massacres? No Slaughters of innocent Hindus in Malegaon in Barabanki and other places do we really believe that Gandhi was not aware of all this it was happening in front of his own eyes. So but what was he doing? The answer he was busy chasing the mirage called Hindu-Muslim unity at any cost number one and in speech after speech in article after article, he pries Ali Brothers, he pirated their lives about the Khilafat movement but actually let me quote Sankaran Nair, was an eyewitness to this era. He was Gandhi contemporary and I’ll quote him.

“So far as Gandhi was concerned the position is quite clear. He put forward which were is the most extreme demand made by the Khilafat party without any enquiry as to its reasonableness. In applying the gospel of non-violence to politics he has shown himself a babe and his interference has been generally mischievous and satisfied that Gandhi is using all of them to further his own ends and attempt in which he is bound to face”.

History has shown how beside me profiting and accurate Shankaran Nair was. Show me one project and Gandhi touched and succeeded. So in fact and it only gets worse Gandhi went so far as to say that he fully supported The Ali Brothers cause of the muslim not just the Khilafat. He said publicly numerous times that he supported The Ali Brothers cause of Muslim ummah and he urged Hindus to support them. Gandhi also said this is ridiculous when you read all these documents now. Gandhi also said that Palestine must be incorporated into Turkey a Turkey itself was imploding. He wanted Palestine to be incorporated into Turkey just to please Ali Brothers.

So and then in the specific context of the Khilafat movement, he laid down the following rules and conditions to Hindus. I have what one two, three four five, five conditions.

Condition one – Hindus must not insist on the prohibition of cow slaughtered by Muslims.

Condition two – Hindus must abandon learning Hindi either learn Hindustani, Urdu.

Condition no three – Hindus must not carry procession in front of mosque.

Condition four – Hindus must not play bhajan kirtans etc if it offends muslims and if Muslims attack Hindus unprovoked Hindus must gladly submit to them by Brave appeal to the goodness of the heart of Muslims.

Basically Gandhi support to the Khilafat movement can be captured in just one sentence. No matter how outrageous, no matter how extreme Hindus had to blindly accept every single demand of the Muslims, even if it meant their death. So let me put it bluntly, Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was directly responsible for the Moplah Genocide of Hindus in Malabar.

So now we come to the actual event that is some details of the genocide, rest of the Ali brother had the desired impact and the two-year-old planning preparation was really to reach some kind of a climax. The Muslim violence that had begun in Malegaon and Barabanki now slowly spread to the various part of Bengal, Bihar, Punjab and it reached its Savage finale in Malabar but there’s a short back story too how this developed.

So even as Gandhi was coaxing and encouraging to Hindus to support the Khilafat movement, the Malabar Hindus are not fooled by his tactics. This is very important point, they saw through his blind, you know appeal for Hindu Muslim Unity and they were not fooled by him. So as I mentioned the beginning of my lecture Malabar Hindus had centuries worth of experience in actually living with the Moplah Muslims who are notorious as usual for their unprovoked violence, kidnapping women and burning and looting and the rest of the stuff.

So meanwhile in Kerala like in elsewhere Moplah Muslims followed the example of the Muslim Brothers is very near India and they thought that the Malabar Hindus could be bullied like they were bullied in Malegaon. They thought that in the same way the Malabar Hindus could also be bullied and lend their support for the cause of Khilafat but the Hindus, flatly refused to support the Khilafat cause but what was worse on the part of Hindus was that they believed they innocently trusted that okay fine. They’ve refused to support your cause, you know, you fight your own battles independently you have enough men. You have your leadership. We don’t want to be any part of that. So you fight your battles independently and they thought the Moplah Muslims would leave them alone.

But Moplah interpreted this in a different way. They thought that this refusal by the Hindus was the perfect excuse to declare war on whom not on British on Hindus. So the inflammatory speeches, the violent pamphlet Ali Brothers have printed circulated all over India and by other Khilafat leaders. It had also made sure that the Moplah were armed and ready. But the Malabar Hindus didn’t even has the faintest clue about this, that manufactures ward’s all kinds of weapons knives everything that can be used as a weapon in the war. So but the Malabar Hindus didn’t even have the slightest clue about this. So they were totally caught off guard on 20 August 1921.

What happened next does not make for easy reading. So I condensed most of the stuff in the form of a few bullet points. The Moplah Genocide of Malabar Hindus was a nightmare that lasted for nearly two months continuously. So first, I’ll give you a list of the main features of this brutal Genocide and then I will give a few examples, some precise details of the horror that actually took place.

One – Savage rape, dishonors, slaughter and slavery of Hindu women, fleeing Hindus alive, wholesale slaughter of men, women, children and infants, forcibly converting Hindus en masse or killing those who refuse to convert, throwing half dead people into wells with no chance to escape. So these 4 half dead victims had to struggle for hours, literally hours till they finally died. And they’re also evolved a special technique. They would capture all these Hindus and they would make them dig ditches their own graves, kill them and bury them alive or bury them. Then burning and looting practically all Hindu houses. In this act even the Moplah women and children took part, it was not the men who did this, I mean they were obviously the forefront but the women also took the spoils of this. Whatever you want to call it war or thing is that when Hindu women and girls they took off their garments that they wearing because they were expensive and yeah in short in a very brief span of time, the whole non-Muslim population was reduced to becoming beggars. Obviously desecrating destroying numerous temples, killing cows within the temple compound, pulling out the intestines and then garlanding on the murtis, they would display the hanging the skulls of the slaughtered cows on the walls and roofs of the temples. So these are some of the highlights of the riots.

Now, I will quote verbatim, just to personal and eyewitness accounts. So you have a clear idea of the horrible nature the scale and the extent of the Moplah Genocide of the Hindus. The first is by Annie Besant who strongly condemns Gandhi’s role in directly causing it. Mr. Gandhi did not feel a little sympathy for thousands of women left with only rags driven from home, for little children born of the flying mother’s on roads, in refugee camps. The misery is beyond description, girl’s voice pretty and sweet with ice half-blind with weeping distraught with terror. Women who have seen their husbands hacked to pieces before their own eyes in the way that Moplah consider this act as religious. Old women tottering, whose faces become written with anguish, who cry at a gentle touch, men who have lost all hope, disparate.

Can you conceive of a ghastlier and in human crime than the murders of babies and pregnant women? A pregnant woman carrying seven months baby was cut through the abdomen by a Moplah and she was seen lying dead on the way with a dead child projecting out of the womb. Another a baby of six months was snatched away from the breast of his own mother and cut into two pieces. Are these Moplah human beings are monsters. A respectable lawyer lady at Mailatur was stripped naked by the rebels in the presence of a husband and brothers who were made to stand close by with their hands tied behind when they shut their eyes in abhorrence. They were compelled at the point, open their eyes and witness the rape committed by the brutes in their presence. The second is a very difficult to read that but. In the gut wrenching appeal written by the Maharani of Nilambur and signed by hundreds of Hindu women. It was addressed to lady reading the wife of Viceroy Lord reading and I’ll just read out couple of paragraph and if you want full text, then you can visit in our dispatch and publish in the couple of days.

The content of this letter will melt even the real stone. I want you to close your eyes and to visualize the savage scene here it is. The present Moplah Rebellion is unexampled in its magnitude as well as unprecedented in its ferocity. The horrors and atrocities perpetrated by the Moplah of the many wells and tanks and lakes filled up with a mutilated but often only half dead bodies of our nearest and dearest ones who refused to abandon the feet of our ancestors, of pregnant women cut two pieces and left on the roadside and in the jungles with unborn baby protruding from the mangled corpse, of innocent and helpless children pain from our arms and done to death before our own eyes and of our husbands and fathers tortured slade and burnt alive, of helpless sisters forcibly carried away from the midst of the kitten cane and subjected to every shame and outreach which the violent brutal imagination of these inhuman hellhounds could conceive of. Thousands of homes reduced to sindesmose out of here savagery and spirit of destruction, of places of worship desecrated and destroyed and of the images, and of the images of the deities shamefully insulted by putting the intestines of slaughtered cows where flower garlands once used to lie or else smashed to pieces, of the wholesale looting of hard-earned wealth of children.

Generations reducing many who were formerly rich and prosperous to publicly big for a piece or two on the streets of Calicut to buy salt or Chilly or beat leaf, these are not fables. The wells of full of rotting skeletons, the ruins which ones are homes the heaps of stones which once of places, of worship all these are all still there to attach to this truth. The cries of murdered children in their death agonies are still ringing in our ears and will continue to haunt the memory till death brings us peace.

We remember how we were driven out of a native Hamlet. We wandered starving a naked in the jungles and forests. We remembered how we choked and stifle the baby’s cries. Let the sound should betray are hiding places for relentless pursuers. We still vividly realize the moral and spiritual agony the thousands of us passed through when we will forcibly converted into the feed processed by these bloodthirsty miscreants are most unhappy sisters who are born and brought up in respectable families have now been forcibly converted and married to convicts; some 50 pages of this.

This is a Moplah Genocide of Malabar Hindus and it is whitewashed the Moplah Rebellion and talk to our children for at least three four generations. Moplah rebellion makes it sound like it was some kind of heroic fight for freedom against the British. This is a crime this whitewashing is a crime against Hindus memory. What is worse than the Moplah genocide of Hindus is the savage response given by the non violent Mahatama Gandhi and his congress party. This response was Gandhi’s ultimate Act of desecrating even the innocent Hindus of Malabar. He made the congress party for the revolution in the Ahmadabad session of December 1921. Let me read out the relevant part:

“The Congress expresses its firm conviction that the Moplah disturbance was not due to non-cooperation or the Khilafat movement”

He says that the Congress expresses its firm conviction that the Moplah disturbance was not due to the Khilafat movement. What is it due to It is due to causes wholy unconnected with the Khilafat movement and that the violence would not have occurred had the message of non-violence being allowed to reach them. Nevertheless this Congress is of the opinion that the disturbance in Malabar could have been prevented by the government of Madras accepting offered assistance of Maulana Yasoob Hasan. Gandhi’s dear friends.

Now, who’s this Maulana Yasoob Hasan. He was one of the more violent preachers in the run-up to the so-called Khilafat movement. So Gandhi actually expected that the Maulana Yasoob Hasan would pass on the message of non-violence to the Malabar Muslims. So but, what is worse, Gandhi and his Congress did not utter a single word to condemn either Ali Brothers, all the entire gang of Khilafat supporters. Not a single word of condemnation for them. But on their part, like I said, the Ali Brothers or the other Khilafat leaders, they had no sympathy for the Genocide of the Malabar Hindus by the their own brothers Moplah. In fact, they justified it. I’ll give you a very representative sample of how this justification works. His name is by a gentleman named Hassrat Mohani, I will come to him later. He addressed the Muslim League conference as to the Genocide and he cleared that the Moplah Muslims who massacred the Hindus did so because they were frightened of the English detachment in the locality’. These are his words.

English Detachment meaning Army contingent and therefore assumed that the Hindus are invited the army contingent therefore these ‘dara hua Musalman’ in today’s context. They thought that, let’s have fun and wipe out all these Hindus. So I’ll also share a small tidbit about this Hassrat Mohani after Independence. He is the guy who supposedly gave us the cry Inquilab Zindabad. So this Hassrat Mohani, after Independence became very dear to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and this secular gang and they put him in the gallery of freedom fighters. As recent as February 2014, former vice president Hamid Ansari released the postage stamp to honor the contribution of Hasrat Mohani.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about where we have reached with all this. So but then back to Gandhi, all Hindus were neither fooled nor were they cowardly enough not condemn him. They called his bluff repeatedly and because it’s relevant here, a group of extremely courageous Hindus from Kerala, I read out their names Keshava Menon, K Madhavan Nair,  Karunakara Menon, K V Gopalan… all from Kerala. They wrote an open letter to Gandhi and I read out some portions of this letter.

It’s extraordinary in many ways truth is infinitely of more Paramount importance than hindu-muslim unity or Swaraj and therefore we tell the Maulana sahib, that is Hasrat Mohani, therefore we tell the Maulana Sahab and his co-religionists and India’s revered leader Mahatma Gandhi, if he’s too unaware of the events here, that atrocities committed by the Moplah from the Hindus are unfortunately too true and there is nothing in the deeds of the Moplahs, which a true nonviolent person can congratulate them for extraordinary sarcasm. What is it for which Moplah deserve congratulations? They’re wanting an unprovoked attack on Hindus, all but wholesale looting of their houses in Eranad and the part of Valluvanad, Ponnani and different taluks of Calicut, the forcible conversion of Hindus wholesale conversion of those who stick to their homes. The brutal murder of inoffensive Hindus, men, women and children in cold blood without the slightest reason except that they’re kafir. Did the Moplah who commit such an atrocity sacrifice their lives in the cause of their religion?

Now I ask you and myself a few questions. So why none of this history is talked? Most basic question and to how many educated adults and I include myself in that are even aware of this history. This is recent history and in two years that is 1920-21, this gruesome history will complete one full century. What does happen to Hindus that they seem to be stuck in a permanent state of Amnesia about their own ancestors who sacrificed so much and expected nothing in return except to continue their ancestral way of life that we should traditions and customs. I know this might come across as strong words. But these are not my words. I borrowed them directly from that letter, which says that truth is infinitely more of Paramount importance than Hindu – Muslim Unity or anything else. So I take a couple of minutes more before I conclude my address.

And this more fitting conclusion to this on this topic and by reading out to more passages, the first again is by the same Maharani of Nilambur. It is an appeal and you should admire the moral and mental strength and spiritual courage in this letter. She says “our misery will not be rendered less by inflicting a similar misery upon this barbarous and savage race. Our dead will not return to us, if their slayers are slaughtered. We would not be human however, if we could ever forget the quarrel and shameful outrageous and indignities perpetrated upon us by a race to whom we have always in the endeavor to be friendly and neighborly. However, we would be in beside if knowing that the ungovernable antisocial propensities and deadly religious fanaticism of the Moplah race, we did not entry the just in the powerful government to protect the lives and honor of your humble sisters”.

The second is and even more moving account told by Annie Basin when she visited the relief camps and I will read it out to the lowest of the submerged classes. They used to call the lower classes, submerged classes. So, the lowest of the submerged classes for captured alive with others and given the choice between Islam and death. These the outcasts of Hinduism, the untouchables so love their Hinduism so much that, they chose to die as Hindus rather than to live as Muslims.

So 68 years later the Moplah Genocide of Hindus in Malabar would repeat in the Kashmir Valley. Exactly 68 years later with obviously the same consequences and this time the genocide has happened under the active watch of the successive governments of independent India and even worse its contemporary history has been buried before our very eyes.

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