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Bharat – Land of the Gods

Author: Nitin Trivedi.

I am India land of Sanatan dharma
I am Bharat Land of the Gods
The cradle of human Civilization

Protected by the sea and the highest mountains
Blessed by the monsoons
Gifted with numerous rivers

This fertile and bountiful land
Was chosen by the gods
As their abode during their stay on earth
While they developed and taught humanity civilization

They gifted us the Sanskrit language
Gave us the knowledge of the stars.
Science, mathematics and Ayurveda
Even explained evolution
And origin of the universe

Gave Bharat the Vedas and the Upanishads
How to cut, mold and transport huge granite blocks
And the knowledge to build impossible temples
But not the knowledge of weapons of destruction they had

 Showed man the path to peaceful existence for mankind
And how-to live-in harmony with nature
Showed the way of dharma and demonstrated karma
That became Our Scriptures Mahabharata and Ramayana

That the Quest for truth
Be the foundation of one’s purpose in life
To hold knowledge on the highest pedestal
Choose a god to anchor one’s journey on earth
This is Sanatan Dharma, this is Bharat

Entrusted with knowledge from the ancients
Passed verbatim generation to generation
You are the bearers of truth from the gods and sages
Keepers of the key to the future of mankind
That is your heritage carriers of Sanatan dharma
Why you are the only continuous civilization

Be proud of your legacy
Defend it with all your might
Carry forward the teachings of the sages
It is your karma

Observe Gotras in marriage
Be Vegan for health
Protect and respect the cow as Sacred
That supported Hindus through the ages
Sustain the highest knowledge and skills
Through a social stratification of occupations

Mantras to help you, reincarnation to try again
That spiritual wealth is eternal
As you leave only your deeds behind
Respect all of creation
Practice ahimsa
That is your dharma.

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