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Who Was Responsible For India’s Partition? | Koenraad Elst

I know it is popular among Hindus to blame the British for everything like to say, quiet falsely, that the partition was imposed on India by the British. No, this is not true at all. Partition was desired and imposed by the Muslim League that already voted for partition in 1940 which is like 6 years before the British started to countenance May be this partition is not such a bad idea. Maybe in the context of the budding cold war it could be useful, because one of the two parties is going to be with West. Even when Nehru makes us suspect that India will join the Soviet bloc, then at least we have Pakistan, we can have our military bases over there and so on. But that was totally at the end. Just before Mountbatten became the Viceroy and then he accepted to transfer power to bifurcate India. By that time, again you can’t blame the British, you can’t even blame the Muslims anymore. By that time most of the Congress leaders had already walked over and accepted the partition and in the end even Mahatma Gandhi would, in spite of his promise that it would only be partitioned over my dead body.

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