Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Urbal Naxals: The Front End Fighters Of Maoists

So it’s not that anything happen in vacuum. It’s not just that the Maoists are right from the word go believe in it. A lot of ML groups parted company and chose different lines, path. Where have they landed up? What have they been able to achieve peacefully? Look at our next door neighbour, where the Maoist gave up and fought the election and emerged as the largest force.

What the government of India do in connivance with the Nepali Army and the most reactionary parties? Does everything to thwart them from coming to power and yet we believe that the maoists should give up arms resistance and fight elections! Ridiculous! Ridiculous! The only way in which they can do it is if they learn the lessons from Nepali maoists of first establishing their strength, the military and political strength, use it as a bargaining position. Only then do they stand a chance.

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