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The Agastya Story | Raj Vedam | Aryan Invasion Myth | Dravida Desa

We know that the sage Agastya came from the Northern part of India, crossed the Vindhyas, told the Vindhyas don’t grow till I come back and he is supposed to have come to South. So, Prof. Abhyankar said If Agastya was the first to cross the Vindhyas and see Canopus, Canopus is the star that is called Agastya and the date is 5200 BCE. So what is this graph over here (slide). The graph shows appearance and disappearance of the star called Agastya. Agastya the star in Greek is called Canopus. So I drew this map from latitude of Jaffna. So thi is the horizon, the east, south and west and see that Agastya just appears over Jaffna 12000 years ago. So Prof. Abhyankar said, Agastya appeared in Kanyakumari in 10000 BCE. It appeared in Madras around 8500 BCE, Vindhyas 5200 BCE. And New Delhi 3100 BCE.

Today Agastya is visible all over India. But, we will go over the disappearance curve also, from Kanyakumari 11000 years from now you won’t see Canopus anymore. India is in the Northern hemisphere and Agastya is a star in Southern Hemisphere. Normally from India we can’t see Agastya but think of all of the earth dipped in this way, when the earth dips the other way Southern Hemisphere it won’t be visible.

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