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Tejasvi Surya’s Hard Hitting Rajya Sabha Speech On CAA Riots

Jinnah wali azaadi!” What is Jinnah wali azaadi?’ “Hinduon se azaadi! Kafiron se azaadi!

These were the slogans that were raised in these protests, Sir. And what was the other slogan?

Sir, let me tell you, there is nothing Anti-Muslim about the CAA but there is everything Anti-Hindu about the anti CAA protest.

What was the slogan that was raised ‘’Tera mera rishta kya – La ila ill Allah!”

These were the slogans that were raised at these protests, Sir.

And those who were saying these slogans, those who were perpetrating this violence were portrayed as victims by the intellectual Jihadis who write for this eco-system in the newspapers.

And these people who raised these slogans about “Tukde tukde of Bharat”, of “Kafiron se Azaadi”, they were given an impression that they were victims of police brutality and people called them ‘Sheroes. Sheroes!’

This is how a narrative was built, Sir.

Not just that, look at how the international Media plays this out. As if on cue.

Sir, 17th February, knowing fully well that on 24th February, Donald Trump is coming to India, Umar Khalid makes a speech, exhorts the minority community to go into the streets and start violent protests so that they can give out a message to Donald Trump.

Sir, this is not the first instance. When in 2015, Barrack Obama visited India, again there was a bogey of the Church riots that happened, again in Delhi. Sir, the question must be asked “Why only Delhi?” Why only Delhi and not other places in the country?

Sir, it is precisely because they want to defame the Prime Minister and the Honorable Home minister under whom the Delhi police authority comes, Sir.

And that is the conspiracy behind it.

Sir, Donald Trump comes here, international Media starts spinning this news and who is supporting this, sir? Sir there is a prominent journalist, J. Gopikrishnan, who couple of days ago made it public that he was offered 1500 USD to write an article 1000 word long defaming India by an international publication.

And immediately thereafter Sir, Bernie Sanders who is a card-carrying socialist also speaks against India. And all of these are orchestrated in such a manner to present a negative image of this country, Sir.

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