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Biddo Brahmin: Hindu Pehelwan of Pakistan


Biddo Brahmin: A Punjabi Hindu pehalwaan born in 1872, in Gujranwala, Punjab He was taunted by a Muslim Pehalwaan Gamu Baliwala as a Rice pudding eating Brahmin; Gamu boasted that he would defeat vegetarian counterpart in 2 minutes But in akhara, Biddo served him his own dish


He defeated Gamu & he refused to dismount his foot from opponent’s chest, demanding that Gamu should apologise for pre match outburst When 3 referees were unable to pull him off, police had to be called Gamu called for rematch but was again defeated

Biddo’ sucess earned him Title of Sitara-e-Hind (Star of India) He was also known for defeating Channa Qasai, Karim Baksh, Khalifa Ghora & other wrestlers It was his high moral character that earned him epithet of “Devta”

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