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On Rabindranath Thakur’s birthday, Bengali wokes who scream of “intolerance” should read his article from “Kalantar”.

Courtesy: https://twitter.com/MumukshuSavitri/status/1390734140543168514

In it, Tagore writes: “Whenever a Muslim called upon the Muslim society, he never faced any resistance – he called in the name of one God ‘Allah-ho-Akbar’.


“On the other hand, when we call, ‘come on, Hindus’, who will respond? We, the Hindus, are divided in numerous small communities, many barriers -provincialism, who will respond overcoming all these obstacles? We suffered from many dangers, but we could never be united.

When Mohammed Ghori brought the first blow from outside, the Hindus could not be united, even in days of imminent danger. When the Muslims started to demolish temples, & break idols of Gods & Goddesses, the Hindus fought and died in small units, but they could not be united”

“It has been proved that we were killed in different ages due to our discord. So, if Muslims beat us & we, the Hindus, tolerate without resistance, then we know it is possible only by our weakness. For the sake of ourselves & Muslims also, we have to discard our weakness. “

“We can appeal to our neighbour Muslims, ‘Please don’t be cruel to us. No religion can be based on genocide’—but this kind of appeal is nothing, but the weeping of a weak person. When low pressure is created in the air, storm comes spontaneously”

“Similarly, if weakness is cherished & allowed to exist, torture comes automatically -nobody can stop it. Possibly, the Hindus and the Muslims can make a fake friendship to each other for a while, but that cannot last forever. “

“As long as you don’t purify the soil, which grows only thorny shrubs you cannot expect any fruit.” How ironic that so called secularists of Bengal claim Tagore’s valuable legacy but don’t have the guts to learn from his advice about what threatens the existence of Bengal.

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