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‘Pseudo-Nationalists’ Gandhi and Nehru exposed by Veer Savarkar | Savitri Mumukshu

Courtesy: Savitri Mumukshu – सावित्री मुमुक्षु on Twitter: “1/n On October 22, 1947 Veer Savarkar wrote this searing letter titled, “Nehru does not want to fight against Pakistan but against Hindu Raj“ expressing outrage & anguish at the injustice of Nehru’s support for Pakistan.” / Twitter

On October 22, 1947 Veer Savarkar wrote this searing letter titled, “Nehru does not want to fight against Pakistan but against Hindu Raj“ expressing outrage & anguish at the injustice of Nehru’s support for Pakistan.
“The Gandhist ministers, leaders & newspapers have recently trotted out a new stunt to cover their dismal & disastrous failure to protect the life, property & honour of our nation & perhaps with a crafty design to capture Moslem votes in the joint electorates to come.
Pandit Nehru, their megaphone, has been addressing a number of meetings where instead of assuring & enlightening people as to how his government will forestall & frustrate the covert machinations & overt challenges of the Moslems To conquer & convert the all Hindustan into a Pakistan, he has been indulging in furious denunciations against the demand for a Hindu State! As if the mere demand for a Hindu Raj constitutes a danger to his Government so much more imminent, impending, incalculably disastrous than the already established Moslem Raj in Pakistan where fanatical atrocities, arson, bloodshed & butchery have been the order of the day. And millions of Moslems keep parading the streets with such war cries as “Haske liya Pakistan! Marke lenge Hindustan!”
Pusillanimous enough to tolerate diabolical actions & threats by Moslems against his ‘Indian Union”, Pandit Nehru & his pseudo-nationalistic Congress are delivering mock heroics against Hindus & swearing they will fight tooth & nail against those who demand a Hindu Raj!
Nehru swaggers on that if Hindu Sanghatanists persist in their efforts to establish a Hindu Raj, they would meet the fate of Hitler & Mussolini. He forgets that Hindu Sanghatanists are led by 100s of seasoned veterans.
They fought in the vanguard of Indian Revolutionist forces against Britain. This when Gandhiji, speaking politically, was still in his swaddling clothes & the Pandit was not yet born. Some of them defied the sword & the scaffold.
The sacrifices & the sufferings undergone by each of them in the fight for Indian Independence outweigh the sacrifices of all the Gandhist ministers totalled together. They cannot be terrorized by the threat of such Carpet Knights as the Pandit & his clan.
In case they fail in aiming so high, they are prepared to face any fate in the defence of the honour, greatness & glory of Hindudom. But what in case they succeed in establishing a Hindu Raj? What fate should the Pandit & such other traitors to the Hindu Raj deserve then?
The demand for a Hindu Raj, pseudo-nationalists say, is communal, stupid, medieval, theocratic, a menace to progress of mankind itself! But they conveniently refuse to tell us what they precisely mean by Hindu Raj, before they characterize it in vilifying terms.
Nevertheless, assuming for the sake of argument that the demand for a Hindu State deserves this condemnation on all these counts, may we ask them was not the demand for a Moslem State at least equally condemnable on these very counts ?
Didn’t Moslems base their claim to own Pakistani Provinces on the ground that Moslems constituted the major community there? How was that communal claim respected by you as to vivisect our Motherland to make room for an Independent Moslem State?
Why didn’t you refuse to listen to that ‘communal” as ‘stupid’? Didn’t Direct Action by Moslems prove to the hilt that the Moslem State they demanded was avowedly theocratical, setting the hands of the clock of human progress back not to “medieval” but to the bestial age?
But instead of fighting against that demand for a Moslem Raj you actually abetted the crime of cutting integrated India right into two halves directly on communal lines which the AngloMoslem conspirators perpetrated & handed over Pakistan to the Moslems.
And you did it so ceremoniously, with such ease & grace as you would hand over a cup of tea to a welcome guest! With what face now can you vilify the demand for a Hindu Raj on these very counts even if it could be said to possess all the above traits.
Had not Gandhiji himself conspired with the Ali Brothers to invite an invasion by the Pathans & to enthrone the Amir of Afghanistan as the Emperor of India? Had he not declared again in the year 1940 in writing & repeated it now & then.
If the Nizam subdued the Hindu Princes with the support of Frontier tribes, took Delhi & became the ruler of India would that be a perfect Home rule, a cent percent Swaraj? Thus a Pathani or a Nizami Moslem Raj is to Gandhiji a cent per cent Swaraj. But Hindu Raj?
Oh no! It would be communal, fascist, anti-national & an anathema! ! ! You contend further on that our country & OUR state cannot be called Hindustan & a Hindu State as some non-Hindu minorities too are citizens thereof.
But how is it that inspite of presence of Hindus, Christians, Parsees & minorities in its territory, you & Gandhiji in particular keep salaaming & saluting the newly carved out Moslem Raj as ‘Pakistan’ which avowedly & literally means a Holy Moslem Land, a Moslem State?
Most nations are called after the names of what the League of Nations terms ‘National Majority” in each. But you never felt any qualm of conscience in recognizing Vaziristan, Afghanistan, or the Turkish State in spite of the presence of non-moslem minorities there?
How is it that the very mention of the name of Hindustan or the Hindu State alone takes your breath away as if you were smitten by a snake-bite? The only reason you have been so emphatically reiterating to defend your recognition of Pakistan as an Independent Moslem Raj.
In spite of all objections to it, is because you were faced with the only alternative ‘bloodshed or Pakistan’ and so to avoid bloodshed you were persuaded to accept Pakistan. Leaving aside the fact that such a cowardly reason condemns your action more than defends it.
We only ask, do you not thereby insinuate unwittingly enough that if Hindus too face you with a similar alternative ‘bloodshed or Hindusthan’ you will be persuaded to accept Hindusthan too with equal readiness?
I warn the Hindu electorate categorically for the 1000th time that unless they remove these pseudo-nationalist leaders from the helm of our state, the Gandhistic Indianism will allow Moslems inside India to capture key-posts in the army’ the police, & the state.
They will rise from within as soon as Pakistani forces invade India from North, East, West, South. As they are sure to do in the near future & taken ‘unawares’ as usual the Gandhist Government will go down in no time & India will be converted into an Akhand Pakistan.
The choice is not between two personalities but two ideologies not Indian Raj or Hindu Raj but Moslem Raj or Hindu Raj, Akhand Hindustan or Akhand Pakistan. The Hindu Sanghatanist ideology alone can save our nation & reestablish Akhand Hindustan from the Indus to the Seas.
And yet todays Hindus have to listen to the great grandson of the very same Nehru preaching to us about Evil. What an irony! Hindus all over India would do well to read Savarkar’s brilliant analysis to understand our true history. Koti Naman to this patriot

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