Saturday, October 16, 2021
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-Smita Mukerji

Standing at the threshold of Devipaksha let’s awaken the Great Goddess within, with the ancient chant, the first ever expression of Supreme Consciousness: ‘I Am That’

‘Devisuktam’ by Yogini Vagambrini.

Devisuktam #

This time ‘Puja’ comes under the dark shadow of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. The play of the Great Creatrix will continue forever irrespective of the tribulations of the human race which is but a miniscule world in infinite Universes. It is beyond the human mind to conceive of the staggering vastness of phenomena. The only way the infinitesimal human can connect to it is appealing to it with the emotion of a child calling out to the mother. The autumnal festival is the time when in lore the Supreme Mother is said to visit her children on Earth, beckoned with sacred chants and loving hearts. The celebration might be inhibited by our circumstances but the feeling is the same. Continuing the celebration of the festival even amid the chaos and calamity is significant of eternity and the force of the Process, regardless of finite human experience on the relative plane, of good or bad, beginning and end, birth and death, a compelling endless cycle of creation and destruction beyond the limits of egoistic notions of gain or loss. The sum of Everything is ultimately zero or śūnya or Shiva, which is the ‘Nothingness’ from which ‘All That Is’ sprung forth. And every occurrence in the Cosmos is in consonance with but one rhythm, the beat of the cavorts of Shiva and Shakti, Pure Consciousness manifest through its Limitless Power in a divine sport called Maya.


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