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“19 Jan, 1990 – Kashmiri Pandit Exodus Day”

More than 0.5 million Hindus gone into permanent exile on/after this day and are still waiting for the justice since last 32 years.

A #thread to present glimpse of their agony in the hands of Islamic jihad.

Muslims relayed war cries whole night on 19 Jan, 1990 on loudspeakers from the mosques all over Kashmir valley.

It was enough hint to the minority Hindu community that something sinister was going to happen.

Deafening sound of “Naar-e-taqbeer…”, was played everywhere.

19 Jan

These slogans made their impact:

“Azadi-eiy zalimon, eiy kafiron, Kashmir hamara chor do” – o tyrants, o infidels, leave our Kashmir.

“Assi gacchi panu’nuy Pakistan, batav rostuy, batenein saan” – we want to turn Kashmir into Pakistan, without Pandit men, but with their women.

At some places, it was not just restricted to war cries from mosques, violent mob gathered in large number & encircled Hindu residents, hurling abuses and threats.

The local administration had collapsed completely. Some sections of the police were sympathetic to militants.

The next morning, the exodus began.

Hindu families stuffed whatever little they could into a few suitcases and slipped away to Jammu.

Until today these unfortunate Kashmiri Hindus / Pandits are living in exile. Secular India remained mute spectator.

Two days later a massive procession began from different parts heading towards Jama Masjid in Srinagar.

Every day in Kashmir after January 19 was January 19.

Fear of life & property, losing dignity & daughters became the fate of Kashmiri Hindus.

Religious bigotry displayed by the Islamist mob crossed all the boundaries of humanity & was lurking at the blood of Kashmiri Hindus.

Pandits were forced out of their homes to lead such processions, in case paramilitary charged at the crowd, Pandits would become the 1st target.

Throughout 1990, Hindus were picked up selectively and put to death.

👉They were killed because Kashmir needs to be cleaned of them to further the cause of Islam
👉They could be killed because Delhi leadership was devoid of any valour & self-respect

Some examples of the gruesome violence against Hindus after 19/1/1990:

On Feb 2, a young businessman Satish Tickoo was called out of his home by a few men and shot at point blank range.

Tickoo knew them, one of them lived nearby and often took lifts from Tickoo on his scooter.

The guy who used to take lift was Farooq Ahmad Dar alias Bitta Karate.

In a widely circulated TV interview, Bitta Karate accepted killing 20 people in cold blooded fashion but the irony is, he was released on bail cause prosecution showed total disinterest in pursuing the case.

Karate is not an exception – till date, not a single person has been convicted though so many of Kashmiri Hindus were raped & killed in a broad day light.

On Feb 27 evening, Navin Sapru, left his office as usual & boarded a bus for Habba Kadal to collect his coat from a tailor.

In Habba Kadal, at a mosque few men had gathered hours before, making plans to eliminate him. They had been tracking his movements for days.

As he reached the Habba Kadal bridge, they caught hold of Sapru and shot him.

His attackers surrounded him & were joined by many others, they all danced around him.

An old Pandit woman begged his assailants to spare him but they pushed her away. As he lay there, his life ebbing out of him, they threw ‘shireen’ (sweet) at him as is done over a corpse.

Minutes later, Navin Sapru bled to death.

Police truck took his body to the cremation ground, the crowd followed it cheering from behind and shouting ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ slogan. Does their God get happy over such inhumane deed of its followers?

Three distinguishable take away from Navin Sapru’s killing:

👉 his murder plan was drafted & finalised sitting inside the mosque by the namazis
👉 siddhe-sade Musalmaans danced around his dying body
👉 he was punished because his coat was Hindu

From March 1990 onward, the abduction, rapes & killing of Hindus increased manifold. Pandits were hounded on the streets & killed brutally.

It was an orgy of blood-lust for which many innocents were sacrificed.

By April, the mask was completely off – it was not only the armed terrorist who took pride in such killings, the common man on the streets participated in some of these heinous murders of innocent Hindus as well.

After all it was a jihad against ‘kafirs’.

B. K. Ganju, a telecom officer, was 36 at that time, living in Srinagar’s Chota Bazaar area.

When he and his wife came to know that his name has appeared in the ‘hit-list’ of a neighbouring mosque, they decided to leave Srinagar the next morning.

Early in the morning, their telephone started ringing incessantly but they did not answer it.

Soon afterwards, there was a loud knock on the door. Terrorists asked, where is Ganju?

Mrs Ganju replied, “he has left for the office”. Not satisfied, they broke in through window.

Sensing no escape, she urged her husband to hide in the attic, in a drum partially filled with rice.

Terrorists searched everywhere & left the house when could not find Ganju.

In the old city area of Srinagar, houses are built quite close to each other.

One of the Muslim woman in Ganju’s neighbourhood saw him hiding in the attic. As the terrorists came out, she told them about his whereabouts.

The terrorists returned back, went directly to the attic & fired non-stop at the drum. Ganju died instantly, rice drained in his blood.

Mrs. Ganju requested them to kill her too when they force feed her rice grain sucked in her husband’s blood.

“Someone should be left behind to wail over kafir’s dead body’, they replied.

This was a gift from a Muslim neighbour to Ganjus who lived with them for years.

Sarvanand Kaul ‘Premi’ was a:
👉renowned Kashmiri poet
👉participated in ‘Quit India’ movement
👉translated Tagore’s Gitanjali & The Bhagwat Gita in Kashmiri
👉secularist – in his prayer room, he kept a rare manuscript of the Koran
👉taught for free in a nearby Islamic school

On the night of 29th April, 1990, three armed militants barged into Premi’s house.

They ordered family members to assemble in one room and bring all the valuables with them.

After that they packed those stuff in to a big suitcase they ordered Premi to carry it.

Where are you taking him? Asked a lady from the house – don’t worry he will return soon came the response.

As 66 years old Premi lifted the suitcase, his hands were trembling. Unable to watch his father suffer like this, his 27 year old son, Virender insisted to accompany him.

In the darkness of the night, father & son were led away by the Islamic terrorists.

Police found their bodies hanging from a tree.

They were brutally tortured before being murdered – nails were hammered between their eyebrows where they put ‘Tilak’ mark.

Premi’s excessive trust on neighbouring Muslim community did not come to his rescue, neither his secular credentials nor the pious approach towards the holy Koran.

He and his son were killed because they were Hindus (‘Kafir’).

Girja Tiku, 27, was a lab assistant in a school at Bandipora in North Kashmir.

Her family shifted to Jammu but she used to come to Bandipora every month to collect her salary.

Even her cousin with whom she used to stay for a day or two had migrated now.

This time Girja stayed with a Muslim family – the head of the house was a close friend of her father.

She was abducted immediately after her arrival by four armed Islamic terrorists. After blindfolding her, they took turns to rape her in a moving taxi.

As they were conversing, Girja recognised the voice of one abductor.

The poor Hindu girl said, “Aziza, chhetey chukha”?
(Aziz, are you here as well?)

Aziz was known to her from a long time, she never thought he will do this with her – poor girl, this was just a beginning.

Jihad was not satisfied just by raping her & now she has recognised one of them.

So in a final act of barbarism, the Islamic terrorists took her to a wood processing unit & cut her alive on a mechanical saw.

These were the inhumane acts of the seekers of Kashmir’s azadi.

In June 1990, Ashwani Kumar, CA, was shot by the Islamic terrorists and got injured badly.

His old father rushed to the police station to request them to send a vehicle to take his son to the hospital, “wait for India’s helicopter” was the response from the station in-charge.

When the old man finally managed to take his son to the hospital, the doctors refused to treat him.

His family somehow shifted him to the Soura Medical Institute, again no doctor touched him.

Ashwani Kumar died at the hospital without receiving care because he was a kafir.

Many such cases were reported where doctors refused to treat injured Hindus/Pandits targeted by the militants.

After all Friday gatherings and mosque sermons are more important than their duties. And moreover ‘kafir’ is not a human for them.

1990 was the bloodiest phase of militancy in Kashmir – the sun never rose for Kashmiri Hindus after it.

Their targeted killings and mass exodus continued for the years to come, the deaf and dumb Delhi tolerated this without much concern.

In 1990, when exodus happened, the Pandita family +few others decided to stay behind.

On Mar 21, 1997 nine heavily armed men surrounded their dwelling – they were carrying a list of names – Ashok Pandita, Pyare Lal, Avtar Krishen, etc.

Men were taken away from their homes.

At one spot, they were asked to remove their clothes.

It had began to rain, one of the Pandit pleaded – please leave us, we have stayed here, never left and never troubled anyone.

The Islamic terrorist abused him – “who asked you to live here, you infidels?”.

The militants were taking orders on phone referring someone as ‘major sahab’.

They started firing at innocent Hindu men – the blood (kafir blood of course) mingled with the rainwater to turn into pink puddles where Jihadis could jump in rejoice.

Delhi remained deaf and dumb.

Vinod Dhar was 14 in 1998. His family lived in #Wandhama, a sleepy hamlet in Kashmir’s Gandarbal district.

His and three other Pandit families had thought of leaving like everyone else in 1990 but then decided against it.

On the afternoon of 25th Jan, 1998 a group of armed Islamic terrorists barged in to their house.

Vinod’s father addressed them.

They asked for tea so Vinod’s mother rushed to make teak. After drinking tea, the terrorists went outside.

Vinod heard gun shots outsides. He rushed to his mother and held her hand tightly.

Together they tried to climb up to the first floor when his mother was shot from behind.

His brother who rushed down after hearing gunshots was shot as well.

Vinod reached upstairs and hid himself behind a heap of cow dung cakes, used as fuel.

The group of Islamic terrorists shot dead twenty three people that day and dragged them in the main compound of Vinod’s house.

After killing everyone, few of the terrorists came upstairs. Vinod held his breath.

One of them poked his rifle through the dung cakes, narrowly missing Vinod’s face.

It was the night of Shab-e-Qadr (night of destiny) – night of Ramzan when the first verse of the Koran was revealed to Mohammad by Jibreel.

Was this the message he wanted to convey?

Probably humanity would have been better off without such violent ideologies.

In the cold night of Wandhama massacre, Vinod’s mind became completely numb.

He came down the stairs, looked at the bodies and went back inside to drag blankets to cover them.

Next morning an army patrol and police unit entered Vinod’s compound.

His Muslim neighbours also gathered there.

Some over enthusiastic news reporters even circulated news describing how Muslim women were seen wailing over the dead bodies of Vinod’s family members & others.

But the harsh reality was very different.

Vinod recalled, when the gun shots were being fired, the people of the village increased the volume of the loudspeakers in the mosque to muffle the sound of the gunfire.

Nobody came out of their homes the whole night, they only came out when they wanted to show crocodile tears.

All twenty three pyres were lit by Vinod.

Later on during the day the then PM of India I. K. Gujral arrived at Vinod’s village.

Vinod remained insecure whole life.

Delhi remained deaf and dumb.

Sanjay Tickoo was among very few Kashmiri Hindus who stayed back.

On the morning on 24th March, 2003 his wife woke him up saying something had happened in #Nadimarg village in south Kashmir.

Her parents lived in the nearby village and she was worried about their safety.

Tickoo left immediately for the village with one of his friends.

The scene when they arrived was gristly.

Twenty four Pandits, including women and children, had been shot dead by the Islamic terrorists, helped allegedly by a party of local policemen.

The previous night, the Pandits had been made to sit on the floor in a courtyard and shot at their heads.

These Jihadis even shot at a toddler who was crying.

Satish was numb seeing the bodies – he composed himself and asked his friend to hold a bowl of water.

One by one, Satish lifted the shrouds from the faces of the dead and as per Hindu rituals, put water in their mouths with a spoon.

His friend who was holding the bowl, ran away after Tickoo lifted off the third dead body.

Later, Tickoo asked a doctor to bandage the heads of the dead and over that bandage he drew their features – eyes, nose, mouth and ears with vermilion paste.

And then the bodies were consigned to the flames.

This is jihad for you – state sponsored terrorism by Pakistan.

Ideologies that lack compassion for the fellow human beings can make devil out of an ordinary human.

If we prefer fake secularism over truth this will never end. Half a million Hindus became refugee in their own country.


Hundreds of Hindus died in the refugee camps due to heat stroke, snake bites and seasonal diseases.

Women were the worst sufferers, owing to high degree of stress, many got their menopause as early as forty and some even in mid thirties.

Courtesy – Our Moon Has Blood Clots by Rahul Pandita

If we prefer false secularism over truth this suffering will never end whether we’re in majority or minority.

Choice is ours, act before it is too late.

Please note that this #thread covers just few random incidents- the full account will require multi series books.

Om Shanti!




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