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Commemorating 26/11 Pakistan: The Locus of Global Islamic Terror #100 Days of Taliban| #SangamTalks

By- Smita Mukerji

Two reference points in history: 26/01 and 26/11. What has India learnt? Have we gained the confidence as a nation to claim our place as a dominant power? Or do we still look westwards for validity of our foreign policy? Why is India still diffident and reluctant to assert power and exert her influence? Why does our foreign policy lack vision and sense of purpose? Why are we always playing catch-up? What prevents India still from grabbing the initiative in securing her strategic interests? Why are we stuck in listless soft policies like ‘humanitarian assistance’ and too passive to use to our advantage?

Nisar Ahmad Sherzai answers (3:40 – 11:45):
Does Taliban have popular support in Afghanistan? What is the reason for
the rapid takeover of Afghanistan by Talibanis.
• Taliban is no ‘power’: Pakistan and US are aware that Afghanistan is dominated up to 99% by Muslims and therefore have since 1975 tried to exploit the Islamic sentiment for their aims.
• Taliban has absolutely no popular support in Afghanistan: Pakistan and US ran propaganda against the nationalist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan that they are communists and extensions of the kafir Soviet state and incited people to wage jihad against them.
They armed factions within Afghanistan leading to civil war and from among those the Taliban was raised. They were entirely created by and protégés of the Americans. It is with their support alone that they had in (1996) and this time (2021) grabbed power in Afghanistan. The truth is that they oppressed the Afghan people to the extreme and created such conditions of terror, chaos and poverty that they are detested by the Afghans.
• US will not easily let go of its stakes in Afghanistan: The present resurgence of Taliban is powered by the Pakistani, Chinese and American states. For two decades the Americans have built their bases in Afghanistan to control the region. To maintain a hold over it and to prevent the China-Pakistan coalition from gaining control regionally US is very likely to aggress upon Afghanistan again.

• 6 Million youth in Afghanistan: A tremendous potential force! The Taliban number barely 20,000. If the youth of Afghanistan receive support they can throw off the Taliban in a single day. But the people of Afghanistan are struggling with grinding poverty. The Talibs roam the streets with cranes hanging youths in open, shooting people at random. The resentment against them is significant. India should look to ride this wave to advance their own interests and strengthen their position in the region.
India’s reticence is puzzling while Pakistan is rapidly gaining ground in Afghanistan. India has an opportunity in the covert resistance started by the Northern Alliance. If the Afghan people receive help from India, the Talibs can be eliminated completely within a couple of months, in spite of China and Pakistan backing them.
(16:35 – 20:27) There is a requirement for material, political and military support; only Tajikistan has come forward to support; India in this situation cannot afford the mistake of trusting Taliban for any kind of favourable diplomatic relation—they are diehard Islamists with no democratic values. India must step in at this point to support the Northern Alliance for securing her own strategic interests in the region. Allowing the Northern Alliance to open a diplomatic office in New Delhi should be the first step towards this.
Perspective of the US withdrawal and the present power equation in the region keeping India’s interests in mind.
Maj. General Bakshi answers:
(30:50 – 36:01)
• How Afghan army’s capitulation was forced. Asserts that the collapse was orchestrated by US.
• Taliban was welcomed previously by the people weary of the Afghan warlords. This was followed by disillusionment.

Now with 20 years of democratic rule, the Afghans are motivated to fight the Taliban’s hideously cruel oppression.
• (36:11 – 37:04) Unthinkable to contemplate any kind of diplomatic relations or cooperation with the Taliban.
• (37:05 – 38:27) Possibilities for India to intervene in the Afghan crisis.
• (39:10 – 41:06) Does India have the political will, clarity in diplomatic dealing, military preparedness to deal with the situation?

Lalit Ambardar:
(46:28 – 48:36) (48:45 – 51:20) Background of the Afghan Situation.
(51:20 – 56:01) (56:55 – 58:40) Spillover effect foreseen for Kashmir and penetration of Taliban with the support of Pakistan special forces in Kashmir.
Maj. General Bakshi:
(1:04:27 – 1:12:14) (1:12:21 – 1:15:10) Nature of American withdrawal from Afghanistan; the agendas in play. (“Humare saamne badaa yuddh aa rahaa hai…”)
(1:22:39 – 1:25:59) The war we are faced with… (“Why should the Panipat syndrome continue forever and ever…”)
(1:26:00 – 1:30:13) (1:30:54 – 1:31:34) (1:31:37 – 1:31:40) (“We must understand we have to fight for our life and we’d better fight forward.”) (“A major threat is coming your way… it is already on your head.”) (“Don’t just keep doing consequence management. Raise consequences for Pakistan.”) (“We have to wake up and defend out interests. We are under serious threat. Our national security is being challenged: by China, Pakistan, Taliban, Turkey, and the Maoists and jihadis in our own backyard. We have a Mahabharat lined up for us.”) (“We need to create out-of-area intervention capability. Anticipate… look ahead.”)

Do watch to know the expert views:

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India-China Conflict: India’s Victory of 1967 and the 2020 Clash #Sangam Talk By Probal DasGupta


The Indian army veteran and author of Watershed 1967: India’s forgotten victory over China, Probal DasGupta talks of the Indo-China relations, particularly the lesser known incidents of 1967. The present standoff in Ladakh has raised questions of war and has brought up the historic narrative between the two countries. today. For fifty years, the event that dominated our memories was the 1962 India-China war, which India lost. However, the present crisis has focused on India’s victory over China in 1967. Probal’s book Watershed 1967 has played a significant role in reshaping the India-China narrative. In this talk he discusses China’s motives and India’s options today, and how 1967 is relevant in the current India-China skirmishes.

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Maharashtra के धुले में मिला हथियारों का जखीरा, तलवार और खंजर समेत 90 हथियार जब्त, 4 आरोपी गिरफ्तार। अजान को लेकर राज ठाकरे की होने वाली सभा के लिए, राजस्थान से भेजी जा रही थीं तलवारें।

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Gadhwal was lost already and and now kumaon getting lost. Be it Nainital, Bhimtal, Ramnagar, Bageshwar,Jageshwar,Ranikhet and Kisano every where you will find them.
Locals have leased their hotels and restaurants to them.

Even when they are of not so well off background still they are able to do highest bidding and are able to get the hotels on lease.
Samuday Vishesh People from far off places have come and taken over Uttarakhand Tourism.

They have removed the local waiters , cooks and…

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One of Ahmedabad’s ancient names was Bhadra which was after Devi Bhadrakali. Ahmedabad was named after Ahmad Shah I of the Muzaffarid dynasty who forcibly captured “Karnavati” in 1411.

Bhadrakali temple is believed to be one of the oldest temple of Ahmedabad and located inside Bhadra Fort in center of city.The exact date of construction is not known but as per the evidence this holy shrine…

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And how many of you know that Multan sided Mahmud against the Shahis in the name of religion but Mahmud decided Multan was not Muslim enough and attacked it? And how many of you know that of the 17 raids of Mahmud, 14 are against his neighbour, the Shahis?

And how many of you know that Mahmud is not exactly great – he waged an annual jihad against India but in 31 his year rule, only 17 raids are known – what happened to the balance 13? And how…

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Kastur Ba: the secret shadow


On her 153rd Birth anniversary

Courtesy: Sheshapatangi1

“I simply cannot bear to look at Ba’s face, the expression is often like that of a meek cow and that in her own dump manner she is saying something” –

To keep the brand, “Mahatma” popular, they never told the miserable story of his wife.
On her 153rd birth anniversary, let us revisit a tragedy called #KasturbaGandhi.

Born on April 11, 1869 at Porbander, Kasturba was elder to Gandhi by 6 months, she married Mohandas with whom she played since her childhood.

Gandhi’s rejection of Kasturba came to the extent…

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My people uprooted


Courtesy: Shri Tathagata Roy

8 April 1950 a fateful pact signed betn Jawaharlal Nehru & Liaquat Ali Khan,PM of Pakistan. After 2 months of Govt-engineered pogrom,slaughter, rape of Hindus in East Pakistan. Estimated 50,000 Hindus killed. An instance of incredible political stupidity on Nehru’s part.

Upon Liaquat’s glib assurance that Hindu refugees would be taken back and restored,the gullible Nehru decided that no rehabilitation of Hindus was necessary in India. Result: no refugee went back and were forced to live under inhuman conditions in Indian camps.

The Pakis were so insincere about the pact that their Govt issued secret instructions not to restore any Hindu to his property. Even after the pact all Hindu passengers in down Assam Mail were pulled down and killed just outside Santahar station.

The two Bengali ministers…

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