Courtesy: Rakesh Krishna Simha

Many people take social media very lightly. But take a minute to read.

1: Due to the unity of Hindus, the whole of Europe is under pressure!

2: Due to your unity, Bollywood is under pressure. The role of Sitamata was going to be played by Kareena, It’s Kangana now!

3: Hindu unity unveils the conspiracy to convert poor Indians into Islam & Christianity. Our present Govt has banned 22,000 NGOs & 4 major Christian converting organisations! 4: Due to the unity of Hindus “love jihad” is now under attack & it is made illegal in many states, too!

5: Due to the unity of Hindus, even the entire Opposition is struggling to become Hindus! 6: Due to the unity of Hindus, the Jihad business has come under attack in many places!

7: Due to Hindu unity, jokes about our festivals & culture on WhatsApp and Facebook, have reduced by 80%! 8: Due to Hindu unity, 70% people who speak against “Sanatan Dharma” have been silenced! Rather many foreigners have started adopting it.

9: Hindus are not as quiet as they used to be, they are protesting even in London to boycott stores and restaurants of Pakistanis where they hide the fact that they use beef. For us if you cook beef in a pot, that pot needs to be discarded.

10. Even if every Hindu has at least 200 Hindu friends on social media, we are spreading our thoughts to millions of people! Notice that the things you wrote / shared unknowingly are reaching millions of Hindus!

11. So, if you can’t write, at least keep forwarding, sharing, copying the thoughts of the one who is speaking / writing. This is extremely important. Awareness of Hinduism is increasing day by day. Therefore, even Hindus supporting pseudo-secularism are rethinking their role!

12. People who use social media to communicate, are not idle, some are in jobs, others are in business, some are self employed, some are entrepreneurs/ learning! But everyone is doing their best in Dharma Karya to unite Hindus.

13. Give your life for your DHARMA, instead of dying without doing anything! At least your next generation will proudly say that MY FATHER, MY MOTHER used to fight for our RASTRA and DHARM.

14. Remember, you are here, not for likes or dislikes, but for your SANATAN DHARMA, YOUR SANATAN SANSKRITI AND SANSKRIT BHASHA.

15. United Hindus have found their true strength. Help each other by forgiving and overcoming caste differences. All the credit goes to present leaders like Modi, Yogi, Amit Shah and our other SANATANI leaders.

16. The above words are via social media. I’d like to add my two bits. Always be prepared to defend your family, neighbours and community. Modi, Yogi Shah and too busy to protect each one of you at the street level. The only person who can protect your family is you.

17. Start with talw@r and move up the chain. Ask around and form local community protection groups. When Delhi Riots happened, not one Hindu was prepared to defend, forget attack. The other side had molotov catapults. What did Hindus have?

18. Hundreds of cars and homes of Hindus were burnt. It takes a generation for a middle class family to build wealth. It was gone in a week of rioting. Imagine what those families are doing now. Perhaps their children are in govt schools. Living in rented two-room homes.

19. Don’t let that happen to you. Like they say in the Army, nobody did anything good by dying for his country. A good soldier is one who makes the other b@stard dai for HIS country. So remember, without astr and shastr you are nothing but a walking target. Ends

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1 The Mughal emperor Humayun blinded his own brother Kamran & murdered his brothers Askari and Hindal.

2 Akbar the “great” killed his own foster brother Adham Khan by throwing him down from the palace walls at Agra, in 1562. Akbar’s murder of Adham Khan was illustrated in the Akbarnama by the Mughal court artists Miskin and Shankar.


3 Jahangir cruelly blinded his own son Khusrau as his father Akbar wanted his grandson as heir, because Jahangir was an alcoholic & drug addict. Khusrau was captured, put on an elephant & paraded down Chandni Chowk, while his kinsmen were held at knife-point on raised platforms.


4 As the elephant approached each platform, each supporter was impaled on a stake (through his bowels), while Khusrau was forced to watch & listen to the screams. This was repeated numerous times, then Khusrau was blinded by his father Jahangir in…

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India-China Conflict: India’s Victory of 1967 and the 2020 Clash #Sangam Talk By Probal DasGupta


The Indian army veteran and author of Watershed 1967: India’s forgotten victory over China, Probal DasGupta talks of the Indo-China relations, particularly the lesser known incidents of 1967. The present standoff in Ladakh has raised questions of war and has brought up the historic narrative between the two countries. today. For fifty years, the event that dominated our memories was the 1962 India-China war, which India lost. However, the present crisis has focused on India’s victory over China in 1967. Probal’s book Watershed 1967 has played a significant role in reshaping the India-China narrative. In this talk he discusses China’s motives and India’s options today, and how 1967 is relevant in the current India-China skirmishes.

About the Speaker:

Probal DasGupta is an Indian army veteran and author…

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Weapons from Punjab and Rajasthan seized in Maharashtra


While the Hanuman Chalisa and Azaan issue is simmering in Maharashtra huge batches of Swords and other weapons transported from states like Rajasthan and Punjab are being seized in Maharashtra. In last few days three such cases have been registered by Maharashtra police. Isn’t it a clear message that violence is knocking on the door? The rioters being celebrated and awarded in Karnataka and the long list of benefiters from Karauli riots convey the same! Wake up Hindus!


Maharashtra के धुले में मिला हथियारों का जखीरा, तलवार और खंजर समेत 90 हथियार जब्त, 4 आरोपी गिरफ्तार। अजान को लेकर राज ठाकरे की होने वाली सभा के लिए, राजस्थान से भेजी जा रही थीं तलवारें।

महाराष्ट्र के धुले जिले से भारी मात्रा में हथियार…

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One more territory lost to the changing Demography! The Uttarakhand!



In Uttarakhand the Tourism Industry has been taken over by Samuday Vishesh. After the change in demography this was bound to happen.

Gadhwal was lost already and and now kumaon getting lost. Be it Nainital, Bhimtal, Ramnagar, Bageshwar,Jageshwar,Ranikhet and Kisano every where you will find them.
Locals have leased their hotels and restaurants to them.

Even when they are of not so well off background still they are able to do highest bidding and are able to get the hotels on lease.
Samuday Vishesh People from far off places have come and taken over Uttarakhand Tourism.

They have removed the local waiters , cooks and…

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The Jama Masjid of Ahmedabad on the glorious Bhadra Kali Mandir



The Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad was originally A Bhadra Kali temple. It was converted into a mosque by Ahmed Shah I. The intricate flowers, coiled serpents representing Kundalini and bells, the remnants of the glorious temple that it may have been. Such carvings are banned in Islam. This goes on to support the history of the temple. Goddess Bhadrakali was believed to be the Nagar Devi of Ahmedabad.

One of Ahmedabad’s ancient names was Bhadra which was after Devi Bhadrakali. Ahmedabad was named after Ahmad Shah I of the Muzaffarid dynasty who forcibly captured “Karnavati” in 1411.

Bhadrakali temple is believed to be one of the oldest temple of Ahmedabad and located inside Bhadra Fort in center of city.The exact date of construction is not known but as per the evidence this holy shrine…

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Facts about Mahmud Ghazni


Courtesy: Eztainutlacatl

How many of you know that Mahmud’s father was a Kyrghyz Buddhist caught in childhood and converted forcibly? How many know that Mahmud is called Zabuli because he was born out of a forced union between that slave Sabuktegin and a Zabuli Princess?

And how many of you know that Multan sided Mahmud against the Shahis in the name of religion but Mahmud decided Multan was not Muslim enough and attacked it? And how many of you know that of the 17 raids of Mahmud, 14 are against his neighbour, the Shahis?

And how many of you know that Mahmud is not exactly great – he waged an annual jihad against India but in 31 his year rule, only 17 raids are known – what happened to the balance 13? And how…

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Kastur Ba: the secret shadow


On her 153rd Birth anniversary

Courtesy: Sheshapatangi1

“I simply cannot bear to look at Ba’s face, the expression is often like that of a meek cow and that in her own dump manner she is saying something” –

To keep the brand, “Mahatma” popular, they never told the miserable story of his wife.
On her 153rd birth anniversary, let us revisit a tragedy called #KasturbaGandhi.

Born on April 11, 1869 at Porbander, Kasturba was elder to Gandhi by 6 months, she married Mohandas with whom she played since her childhood.

Gandhi’s rejection of Kasturba came to the extent…

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My people uprooted


Courtesy: Shri Tathagata Roy

8 April 1950 a fateful pact signed betn Jawaharlal Nehru & Liaquat Ali Khan,PM of Pakistan. After 2 months of Govt-engineered pogrom,slaughter, rape of Hindus in East Pakistan. Estimated 50,000 Hindus killed. An instance of incredible political stupidity on Nehru’s part.

Upon Liaquat’s glib assurance that Hindu refugees would be taken back and restored,the gullible Nehru decided that no rehabilitation of Hindus was necessary in India. Result: no refugee went back and were forced to live under inhuman conditions in Indian camps.

The Pakis were so insincere about the pact that their Govt issued secret instructions not to restore any Hindu to his property. Even after the pact all Hindu passengers in down Assam Mail were pulled down and killed just outside Santahar station.

The two Bengali ministers…

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