The Freedom of speech fallacy in Modern India

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Tall and strong stands a civilization called “Hindu”since the millenniums we are unaware of. It survived so many cuts and bruises inflicted by almost one and all+ we accommodated all. The “Freedom of Expression” was such a common trait that even “Charvakas” went on singing their ideas of dissent within the Mandir Premises.

We are told that “Athenian Democracy” is the mother of democracy, but was too brute against female and slaves. In fact female were not even considered the citizens in Athens.Well, this tale of “Anti-Female” yet mother of Democracy goes at least 2.7k years ago.

But the Itihasa, Ramayana records Sita Mata being offered the throne when Shri Ram was to go for Vanvasa. However recent it may be, even the conservative Marxist estimate acknowledges this tale of Ramayana to have been written ages before the Athenian Democracy. The Ramayana also tells that when Shatrughan asked Bharat to bring on Capital Punishment to Manthara, Bharat denied.

But our progressive court that swears on the idea of “Liberalism” tries best to suffocate the FoE of someone just to please some lot who were openly chanting for beheading. Interestingly it justifies the call for the beheading. Where are we falling back to? The civilization that ensured that FoE is granted each one, is made to succumb to those who wished the trial by the barbaric medieval era laws of West and ME. A lawmaker calls for hanging her on some square in Shambhaji Nagar and many such instances. The Jihad has been unleashed upon Bharat from inside out. Warnings have been sent to us from long and long.
I do not wish to back in history of medieval era but even hundred years tells us a lot.In the backdrop of Khalifa Movement, foreign Muslim country was invited to wage Jihad. The genocide of Mopllah kept being whitewashed, while the truth was that Hindus were intentionally butchered in worst possible manner.

In the same phase of time, publisher Rajpal was stabbed by Ilm-ud-din for having published Rangila Rasul. This book was again a re-examination of same Bukhari which Nupur quoted. Though this had come in effect of rebuttal to humiliating book against Sita Mata. So basically death sentence is meant for anyone hurting “Religious Sentiment” of follower of the faith whose followers forced creation of Pakistan.

And the situation became the cause for coming of section 295A. The book Rangila Rasul didn’t cause enmity or hatred between different religious communities, hence it didn’t violate Section 153A. But Indian Muslims had other priorities. It was not about harmony among Hindus and Muslims. They demanded a law against insult to religious feelings which British couldn’t refuge to honor. Hence, They enacted Section 295A. The Select Committee before enactment of the law, stated in its report that the purpose was to punish persons who indulge in wanton vilification or attacks upon other religions or their religious figures.

Alas! The civilization which gave them sustenance despite the core principle of them being absolute insult (iconoclasm) to Hindu Ethos couldn’t expect the same reciprocation from them.

Had we been equally intolerant perhaps no Mosque would have been let to pop up.Mandirs & Gurukuls never became the place to spew vitriol against the iconoclast though Madarsas became root to indoctrination.

But was it all?
The turmoil didn’t stop and continued only to magnify in form of Direct Action and Noakhali. Had it not been Gopal Patha, perhaps no Hindu would have left in Kolkata. But through the 1920s – 40s, leaders like Tagore, Savarkar, Aurobindo, Ambedkar had given staunch warnings of Jihad at the doorstep. We refused to see the menace and East-Pakistan kept seeing the brutalities against the Hindus. Now we very well know that no Hindu is left in Afghanistan. Pakistan is a gone case and Bangladesh is no different. The moment Hindus tried to get back the Mandirs, it irked them

In the modern times, while we kept facing the Jihad through Pakistan, it magnified to the barbarism of Mopllah and medieval eras when Kashmiri Pandits were told “Ralib Galib Chalib”. It occurred just within 4 decades from the time when we got our Constitution. We saw cases back then where neighbors informed terrorists about presence of Hindu Pandits only to have them killed. Similar pattern of deceit was seen when #KanhaiyaLal got beheaded. Aren’t they acting as the spy to Islamist Terrorists who behead, rape and kill?

Then I can only remember Sardar Patel’s speech of Kolkata where he had questioned those Muslims who had questioned the questioning of there loyalty. When the state tried to bring law to save minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, they held capital of Nation as ransom, finally leading to massive riots.
Hindus were specifically targeted and the devastation ran for days.

If we go a bit back in time, around 15000 had gathered in the funeral of Yakub Memon, the convict for Mumbai blasts of 1993. Around 2 lakh had gathered for the funeral of Burhan Vani, the terrorist.

But is this all? No!

We have people who dared to appeal mercy to Yakub, and forced the court to operate at midnight. But all of them acted opposite when case of Nupur came.

When the “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge, Inshaallah…” & “Afzal hum sharminda hain…tere katil jinda hain…” echoed in the JNU, the rot goes back to 1940s, the Gangadhar Adhikari Thesis, which was official position of CPI in regards to the Partition. According to the thesis, the Bharat was to be cut into various pieces based on the Muslim population. That’s genesis of the slogan in the institute which the blessing of the CPI HRD Minister Nurul Hasan.

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