– Col Ramakrishna, Colonel, Indian Army (retd.)



Simmering discontent in Indian viewers especially Hindus, who have been at the receiving end of vicious jibes and vilification from the self-selected few who dominate Bollywood, and the news media has come out in the open.

It is clear and obvious that the present second generation of stars and superstars have lost connection with the Indian public, especially the ground realities in towns and villages, and the resurgence of pride in Hindu culture and its national heroes.

The present generation Star kids pushed up through nepotism, are not of the same calibre in acting as of Raj Kapoor, Sunil Dutt, Dilip Kumar, Manoj Kumar or Dev Anand to name a few. They do not seem to have a sense of cultural roots or nationalism that pervaded the earlier generations.

Today, resentment against the current set of cinema stars, and their minions, Khans, Kapoors, Bhatts, Akhtars, and Shahs, script writers who have deliberately chosen to hurt Hindu sentiments over the last two decades, through sarcastic remarks, caricaturing of deities like Sri Rama, Shiva and Kali Maa, worshipped since time immemorial in the country, is being vocalised.

Highly arrogant and unwanted sarcastic Comments by film stars like Kareena Pataudi, Alia Bhatt and Nasiruddin Shah etc, have angered the public even more.

Hindus have ceased to accept submissively, the denigration of their culture, traditions and most of all, the demeaning of their deities and methods of worship.

The abysmal failure of movies with top heavy casts, produced lavishly, advertised heavily is a clear indication of the mood of the Indian public today. Pictures ‘Shamshera’ ‘Lal Singh Chadda, ‘Dhakkad’ lead the rest. This even while non-Bollywood films like ‘’RRR’, Kashmir Files were hits. ‘Brhamasthra’ appears to be the latest recipient of this boycott.

Two major issues in succession have acted as catalysts.

“The Kashmir Files”

One was the vicious propaganda and deliberate actions to demolish “Kashmir Files “in India and abroad by Bollywood fraternity.

That ‘Kashmir Files’ was based on the true and terrible incidents of rape, arson, and loot of Kashmiri Pandits who were driven out of their ancestral homes by Mohammedan fanatics in Kashmir valley.

Murmurs of nepotism, usage of drugs and connections with underworld have been making rounds in the Bollywood circuit since decades. They were further fuelled by the Sushant Singh case.

Vivek Agnihotri, the director, and his team made the public aware as to how any and every star, media house that he had approached had turned down any support. Attempts were made even at theatre levels to ensure that genuine viewers could not get tickets (mass benami bookings) even though halls were completely empty.

Media led by the likes of Sardesai tried to paint it as BJP project to divide the society, pushed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Notwithstanding the vicious propaganda unleashed by Bollywood and leftist media and Jihadi sympathisers, questions began to be asked how and why successive Congress governments had put a lid for decades on the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits in their own homeland.

Why had Media houses and academics and politicians foisted the blame on Hindus [1](who were really the victims).

The crude and mocking voices of politicians like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi, laughing and belittling the tragedy of Kashmiri Pandits added to the resentment.

Barkha Dutt of NDTV, Ms Menon of JNU, Abdullahs and … of Kashmir etc

Uncalled for, irrelevant and Unsavoury Comments on Nupur Sharma by Two judges in the Supreme Court

It is possibly the first time that the entire country stood up as one to criticise the grossly unfair comments made by two judges of the Supreme Court of India.

Nupur Sharma, a lady spokesperson of BJP had replied to provocative remarks on Lord Shiva and Maa Parvathy by a Muslim panellist in a TV debate. Her reply which was based on facts was deliberately misinterpreted and she was accused of insulting the prophet of the Muslims.

These two judges of the Indian Supreme Court, when requested for consideration to club cases, which was in the realm of natural justice, instead of considering the appeal on legal grounds, berated the lady and held her to be solely responsible for the acts of murder and threats against Hindus. They not only refused to grant her genuine appeal but even made uncalled for remarks.

This was followed up by the deliberate whipping up of frenzy by Muslim leaders and mullahs. FIRs were filed in different parts of the country in states ruled by congress party with the clear intentions of harassing a lone and helpless woman.

Even Worse, Innocent and helpless Hindus were beheaded by Muslim fanatics in more than one state. There were open calls to beheadings organised by mullahs and Muslim leaders from political parties.

Hindus were aghast that none of the self proclaimed defenders of democracy and free speech , Luteyen’s Clubs or Bollywood celebrities came forward to condemn these murders.

Inspite of public uproar there has been no apology from any of the judges, nor has the public heard of any admonition by the Chief Justice of India.

Hindus in India who had been victims for centuries under invaders, are realising albeit slowly, how, even after partition of India on in 1947 based on religious grounds, Hindus were still being treated as second class citizens in their own country by political parties and vested interests occupying high stations in the power pyramid.


It is dawning on the Indian public, that over the years, Bollywood in general and some stars who were held in great esteem, have been talking out of turn and have over a period of time, said or done things that affected the image of India and hurt the feelings and sentiments of Hindus in Particular.

Contemptuous depiction of Hindu deities and religious practices in cinema dialogues has become more and more pronounced in the last two + decades.

A song like “pathar ke sanam, tuje hamne Khudha samja…….” Is understood to be a song for deliberately hurting Hindus who see divinity in consecrated idols.

A film like ‘PK’ has many characters dressed as Hindu deities acting in the most stupid and foolish manner. Hindus are shown to be cruel and cunning, repeatedly while Mohammedans are depicted as gentle and god-fearing.

Add to these, unsavoury comments from super stars in the Bollywood firmament like Aamir Khan, on how unsafe he and his family members are feeling India. You have middle piece guys and their wives making derogatory comments on Hindu rituals. It was considered really disgraceful that actors like Ranbir can openly extoll his love for red meat and eating Cows.

Frequent and repeated remarks by Shabhanas, Akhtars, and the malafide attempts of the Lutyens cabal depicting India as a casteist country trampling the rights of Mohammadans has queered the pitch almost beyond repair.

Dumbing Down of Hindus by Bollywood, Media Bias and Appeasement Politics.

Modi baiting, and Hindu denigration appears to have become an everyday affair in the printed and visual media. Especially after 2014.

So much so that TV channels like NDTV, newspapers like the Hindu, etc are identified in public mind as anti-Hindu. The strident cacophony of Individual media personae like Barkha Dutt, Rajiv Sardesai, have added to the sense of injury of nationalist Hindus.

All this in the charged atmosphere of political parties and politicians like Mamta Banerjee, Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal and their minions taking active part or supporting or organising protests by beef eaters and Tukade gangs.

Violent protests have been organised methodically and deliberately, against legislations passed in national interest connected with CAA, and even article 370 which allows Indian laws to be applied uniformly in the entire country.

Social evils like Triple Talaq, creating public nuisance by blocking of roads, osterisation and bullying of females not adhering to Arab code on dresses and are claimed as religious constitutional rights.

Resentment of Hindus is turning against those who have gone out of the way to denigrate Hindu culture, and sentiments. The move to Boycott Bollywood movies of actors with colonialist mindset is a sign of Hindus waking up.

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