Tipu Sultan: a freedom fighter or Islamic rule aspirant

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Was Tipu Sultan a “freedom fighter” who fought the British to free India from colonial rule? Historical records show he fought the British not to liberate India, but to gain power & ruthlessly eliminate all Kafirs obstructing his dream of becoming Emperor of an Islamic India.

Tipu did not even oppose the British initially, but instead meekly requested them not to support Hindus revolting against his Islamic atrocities. His letters to the English Company in Tellicherry before Malabar invasion show he was not at war with the British but the Hindus.

His brutalities against all Hindus including Brahmins, Nairs, & Thiyyas, included beheading & putting heads on stakes, kidnapping nobles, forcible circumcision & beef feeding, to convert Hindus to Islam. His genocidal assault forced Malabar’s Hindus to ask the British for help.

Over 30,000 Hindus fled to Travancore to seek refuge from Tipu. A revolt in South Malabar was led by Raja Ravi Varma. This enraged Tipu & he sent his army to annihilate Nairs. 4 Lakh Malabar Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam by circumcision & beef eating as Tipu gloated.

When the Hindus of Kodava joined the revolt against the tyranny of Tipu, he captured over 50,000 Coorgis to forcibly convert them by circumcision & beef eating. 1000s including women & children were slaughtered as Tipu humiliated them for their matrilineal customs & society.

Tipu’s unspeakably cruel Islamic extremism was apparent when he told his army to circumcise even DEAD CORPSES of Coorg’s Hindus. Only a genocidal terrorist not a freedom fighter would commit such unspeakable atrocities against his own countrymen, in the name of his religion.

Tipu was not at war with the British but with Hindus who opposed his atrocities & ambition to convert all of India into an Islamic empire. His Manifesto proclamation chillingly calls on all Muslims of India to unite & destroy Kafirs in a holy war to ensure Islam’s victory.

In his letter to the French (July 20, 1798), Tipu clearly says he will give half of Indian territory to the French, in exchange for help against British. What kind of freedom fighter overthrows colonizers while inviting another colonial invader to take over half the country?

Tipu’s letters to the French reveal that he drew up accounts for money & general supplies used in attacks against the British & provided them to the French to ask for discharge of compensation. He was a mercenary who begged the French for money & weapons to fight his battles.

But the French were just a useful means to an end. Tipu’s real aim was to get support from Islamic nations to overthrow British & Hindus, to force Islam over infidels of India. He sent envoys to Turkey, Iran, Oman, Mauritius & Afghanistan, to ask them to join his jihad.

Tipu begged the Turkish Khalifa for support to gain legitimacy. In return for control over Basra port, he was willing to give Mangalore to the Turks. He was eager to divide up the nation in order to gain territory & fulfill his dream of becoming the Islamic Badshah of India.

In 1792, he invited Zaman Shah, grandson of Afghan butcher Ahmad Shah Durrani, to invade Delhi & N. India. The plan was for Afghans to conquer Delhi, then Tipu would join them & the united Islamic army would march to the Deccan to overthrow the Martha & British “infidels”.

After overthrowing British, Tipu planned to divide India between the Prince of Iran, Zaman Shah of Afghanistan & himself, into Islamic dominions. He was happy to chop & split India for his Islamic co-religionists. The only freedom he sought was freedom to make India Muslim.

It’s about time Tipu worshippers start reading the real history of their idol. Tipu never fought with the British to gain India’s freedom, he fought to stop them from taking over his territories & supporting Hindu kings who revolted against Tipu’s Islamic atrocities.

Tipu’s fight against the British was simply a continuation of J1h@d against infidels, & part of a mercenary bargain to help the French invade India. His ultimate dream was to exterminate or convert all Hindus to turn India into an Islamic nation ruled by him as Badshah.

To celebrate this murderous tyrant as a freedom fighter is an insult to the memories of millions of Indians who sacrificed their lives to liberate India from foreigners. Tipu Sultan was nothing but a savage terrorist, who wanted to turn India into Dar-Ul-Islam without Hindus.

If Tipu the “Ghazi” terrorist had won against the British, India would not be an independent, secular republic rooted in Hindu civilization, but an Islamic nation divided between Muslim countries like Persia, Afghanistan, Turkey & the French. No wonder Owaisi idolizes him.


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