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Communist Betrayal Of Indian Independence Movement: 1942 Secret British India Files

Credits : - Keraleyam FB Page. Keraleyam is exposing the Indian Communists who betrayed Indian Independence movement for Brit in 1942. We are publishing the series of events which lead to the Communist Party of India-British Government secret alliance. It is first exposed by Arun Shourie in his article "The Great Betrayal"

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How The Mughals & The British Created Widespread Poverty In India

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbRSU9qkdCQ The Vedic system, the caste system, kept the lower classes to their positions without giving them access to studies and other such things and that accounts a widespread poverty in India; that is what Marxist would like you to believe, and that's what has been pushed in the textbooks, like

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