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Evidences Prove that British Colonial Regime Promoted Socialist/Marxist Ideas Among Younger Revolutionaries in Jail to Weaken Their Roots in Indian Nationalism

Source: - Sanjeev Sanyal / Twitter. https://twitter.com/sanjeevsanyal/status/1087251753098203136 https://twitter.com/sanjeevsanyal/status/1087255299420049408 https://twitter.com/sanjeevsanyal/status/1087264709517152256 https://twitter.com/sanjeevsanyal/status/1087271852647493633 https://twitter.com/sanjeevsanyal/status/1087273224029626370

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Communist betrayal of Indian Independence Struggle

Courtesy: - Keraleyam Facebook Page. In this document, which are from British Library and Indian national archieves, Ambedkar opines that he has ample reason to believe that communists are well supplied by arms and money. Document also says that PC Joshi, on beahlf of the Communist Party, made proposals to help British Indian

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