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Indus Valley Bulls Sired West Asia Stock [Excerpts]

Source: - Deccan Herald. Bronze Age people transported bulls from the Indus Valley region to breed cattle across west Asia and east Africa, starting about 4000 years ago to combat increasing aridity, scientists reported on Thursday. The south Asian bulls were preferred because of their greater adaptability to arid and semi-arid conditions,

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Boundaries Of Almost All African Nations Were Decided By Europeans Without The Consent Or Participation Of African People.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSGdJHL8qSw&t=9s Let’s see Africa and Middle East a bit. If you see Africa in 1500 AD, there were few empires but now only negligible political boundary match with present boundaries. Only a little Ghana or one or two more countries match. Rest of Africa’s map has changed. How did it change?

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