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Arthashastra And Its Contemporary Relevance In India – A Talk By Sriram Subramanian

The Arthashastra is a marvelous treatise that captured the imagination of ancient India. Kautilya's thoughts are not only far ahead of his time, they were precise to address some of the key challenges of those days. Needless to say, the economic and political dominance that India had prior to the

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How The Mughals & The British Created Widespread Poverty In India

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbRSU9qkdCQ The Vedic system, the caste system, kept the lower classes to their positions without giving them access to studies and other such things and that accounts a widespread poverty in India; that is what Marxist would like you to believe, and that's what has been pushed in the textbooks, like

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[Q&A] New Economics For A New India — Srijan Talk By Sanjeev Sanyal

The story of India’s economy under the Nehruvian socialist framework has been a stunted one. Afflicted with License Raj, political patronage and crony favoritism, the Indian economy functioned largely as a political economy that bred an ecosystem of corruption and economic stagnation for nearly four decades after Independence. Even as

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