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A majestic torana, called Hindola Torana. Built in 10th century in Gyaraspur, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh.

Source: –  @Chandrapida1 / Twitter. This is majestic torana now called Hindola Torana,originally built as Vishnu temple. Every part of the temple has collapsed save the torana.Built in 10th century in Gyaraspur,Vidisha,Madhya Pradesh.

Odantapuri monastery/university established on 760 CE by Gopala I of Pala dynasty, was destroyed by Bhaktiyar Khilji after the demolition of Nalanda

Source: – @othisaivu / Twitter. After sacking Nalanda in 1993 – yet another university Odantapuri was also reduced to a rubble in 1199 by the hordes. This beautiful tree also perished. These blood thirsty...

Chausath Yogini Temple, Morena (MP) Built in 11th Century, has Inspired the Design of Indian Parliament

Source:- @mAbhinav_pandey / Twitter. This temple has inspired the design of our parliament.@TrueIndology @ReclaimTemples @ShefVaidya Chausath Yogini Temple, Morena (MP) Built in 11th century, the temple was the venue of providing education in astrology...