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The Story Of Ancient India: Falsifying Max Mueller Dates Using Astronomy – A Talk By Raj Vedam

This is part 2 of Dr Raj Vedam’s talk on “The Story of Ancient India: From The Deep South to North” In the second part of the talk, Dr Raj Vedam mentions how the astronomical model is common to India. He states that the names of the Nakshatras in the Northern

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Nataraja, Apasmara And Agastya Connection From +19000 BCE – A Talk By Rupa Bhaty

All the lore of Agastya from different scriptures as “Rishi” are scientifically pertaining to Astronomy. Agastya - Vindhyā lore will be investigated with the help of Natarāja, Apasmāra and Agastya from astronomical point of view which contains a memory of motion of Agastya, to and fro, on Latitudes. Agastya’s mention

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