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Anand Rangathan Tears Apart Pakistan, Saba Naqvi & Atiq-Ur-Rehman On News Show

A) On Atiq-ur-Rehman & AIMPLB: Before I come to the thrust of my thesis especially on AIMPLB, just because one of your panelist, Mr. Atiq-ur- Rehman said that today is defilement of ‘Tagore’s India, Tagore’s Thoughts.’ So let me quote verbatim ‘Tagore’s Thoughts.’ These are taken from the Original Works of Rabindranath

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Tejasvi Surya’s Hard Hitting Rajya Sabha Speech On CAA Riots

“Jinnah wali azaadi!” What is ‘Jinnah wali azaadi?’ “Hinduon se azaadi! Kafiron se azaadi!” These were the slogans that were raised in these protests, Sir. And what was the other slogan? Sir, let me tell you, there is nothing Anti-Muslim about the CAA but there is everything Anti-Hindu about the anti CAA

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Kerala Man Digs 1000+ Cave Wells in 50 Years, Builds Rare ‘Suranga’ Water System [Excerpts]

Source: - www.thebetterindia.com Digging through the ‘suranga’ cave wells, one of the oldest water harvesting systems found in the regions of north Kerala and Karnataka, 67-year old Kunjambu has singlehandedly provided water to the villagers of Kundamjuzhy, a village in Kerala’s Kasargod district for more than 50 years. Kunjambu, who started digging

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