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Before asking for partition Muslims claimed a higher degree of protection than was conceded to the other minorities on the ground of their political importance

Absolutely must-read excerpts from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's book titled "Pakistan or the Partition of India". Source: https://sites.google.com/site/cabinetmissionplan/b-r-ambedkar-in-pakistan-or-the-partition-of-india In the controversy that went on between Mr. Jinnah and the Congress in the year 1938, Mr. Jinnah was asked to disclose his demands which he refused to do. But these demands have come to

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Wide-spread love for Dr. Kalam among Hindus, absence of it in Muslim discourse, and the connection with Hindu revivalism

  Dr. Kalam has been one of the most loved President the country has seen. The joy on him becoming the President during Vajpayee’s term and later the outpouring of grief on social media on his passing away is testimony to the love that an average Indian carried for him. After Barrack

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Changing demography of India — a threat to the continuity of the Indian Civilization

Very scary talk by Dr. JK Bajaj of Center for Policy Research, on how India's changing demography threatens the continuity of the Indian Civilization. As people born into this this civilization, it is the duty of Indian Religionists (people belonging to home-grown Indian religions) to protect the civilization, is the assertion

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