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Civilisational Evidence Expose Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory Farce

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLX6-BI6ycg&t=232s we are told that Iron ages are ushered India by invading Aryans in 1500 BCE. it is N R Banerjee in 1965 or Tewari in 2003, they talk about iron. however this new site came out in 2015 and professor KP Rao, he found several artifacts knives and blades in

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Indian Civilization: The Untold Story Revisited — A Talk By Raj Vedam

Indian history, or what we have been taught by way of history in India, has many strange paradoxes which are hard to explain to rational, inquiring minds. At the root of these paradoxes is the Colonial Ideological Offensive, imposed by British historians steeped in Biblical tradition. These historians simply could

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