Srijan Foundation Trust started its work with running a few non-formal after-schools in Odisha and New Delhi. The idea over a decade was simply to give back in any meaningful way one could with the extremely limited resources one had.

While the Odisha schools (in Kumarpara and Nadakhand villages in Puri District) were shut down after several years of running and reaching out to couple of hundred children over these years, the New Delhi based after-school has thrived and renamed to School of Happiness by its students.

Since 2015, Srijan Foundation has increasingly gotten into financially supporting several non-profits in the education and community empowerment impact, but also taken on multiple projects of national significance and impact.

Here’s the list of current projects with their summary that Srijan Foundation is running or supporting:

1. SrijanTalks: Helping change anti-Hindu (Indic Religionists) and anti-patriotic narratives spread among generations of Indians via a concerted & sustained left controlled education institutions (schools and colleges). We do this by brings speakers doing independent research on Dharmic/Indic subjects. Our YouTube Channel:
2. Once again this is meant to correct historical narratives about Indic-Religionists. However, this project is about curating stories of our history and our heroes, as seen from our perspectives. Stories are sourced from social media posts by Indic researchers and academics. We post snippets with their transcriptions and translations. The idea to make available this content in multiple Indian languages. There is very little original writing on this platform at the moment, however, this should change soon.
3. Hinduism must become expansionist. The Church is dying in the west. The space created is ripe for Hinduism to bring its inclusive ideas of Advaita (or non-dualism) to the west. Both Christians and Muslims are becoming atheists. They are giving up the idea of a judgemental god who punishes people and burns them in hell eternally. A more inclusive idea of a non-judgemental cosmic energy — or simply Consciousness (or ‘Brahman’) is an idea waiting to be established in both Christian and Muslim dominated countries. However, Hindu ideas are not available to them in their languages. The idea of this platform is to make Hinduism and ideas of other Indic Religions available to satiate this growing thirst. This is a very ambitious project, but we will make this happen.
4. Wikipedia has a ton of pages which have anti-India, colonialist and anti-Hindu content. This content originally peddled by leftist-marxist historians propped up during Nehruvian times, finds it way into Wikipedia and then gets referred to further in articles and papers internationally. This creates a vicious cycle, which must be broken. IndicWiki is an attempt to do exactly that. Owing to #SrijanTalks, we have access to Indic researchers who are keen on participating in this project. We hope to see that the content we create at IndicWiki over time finds references in journals and papers internationally, as well as starts to seep in into Wikipedia, thus creating a virtuous cycle of spread of this content.
5. School of Happiness:  This has been a decade plus long project. Young boys and girls who joined us while they were in nearby Govt Schools studying in Class I and II, have grown up with us, completed their college. Some have started a business, other are film editors, some are teaching. Each year we induct 15-20 new kids, who are taught by Col Ramakrishnan (Retd) and by a netowrk of volunteer teachers and partner non-profit organisations. The students got together and made this film:
6. Financial support for several Dharmic organisations: Srijan Foundation financially supports several non-profit organisations working mostly with education and women empowerment in various parts of India — Kashi, New Delhi, Madhya Pradesh.


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