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Accomplishments of Bhagwan Shankaracharya Bhagwan Shankaracharya was 8 years old when he left his house. He took sanyas at the

Rama Worship In 2nd Millenium BCE Zoroastrian Literature

Chalukya Emperor Pulakeshin – II and his times

The myth of Kulotthunga Chola’s persecution of Vaishnavas

About half of the words of old Javanese Language come from Sanskrit

The earliest Indianized kingdoms of South East Asia

Vedic system of time keeping

Silappadikaram and Vedic Gods

The Chinese and Japanese 12-year Zodiacs have Sanskrit seed syllables that are written in the Siddham script (forerunner of Devanagari)

In the battle of Gujarat, Queen Naikidevi defeated Muhammad Ghori, admits Muslim historians

How calculus was invented in Kerala centuries before it was in West

The earliest depiction of surgery in India (c. 150 CE) in an ancient terracotta model from Kaushambi (UP)

2200 years old Udaygiri Hill inscription contains the earliest recorded mention of the word ‘Bharatvarsha’

An archaeological reconstruction of the ancient city of Lothal (Sindhu – Sarasvati Valley Civilization), world’s earliest known port city

A Grand Trunk Road (1800 km long) between Hindukush and Bihar, existed at the time of Mauryan Empire

What is the original name of Hindukush Mountains

Prominent position of women in traditional, medieval Hindu society

Source: - True Indology / Twitter. Featured Image Credit - https://go

Breaking a myth – Muslims ruled all of India for 1000 years

Source: - @authorAneesh / Twitter.

After Nizam was humbled in the battle of Bhopal by the Marathas, he formally gave up Malwa

Source: - Chandrapida1 / Twitter.

The pinnacles of Maratha attack [Excerpts]

Courtesy: - DNA India. The first few months of the year 1689 saw the Marathas pass through their toughest time. Chhatrapati Sambhaji, who had ably led them against the Mughals for almost a

The Zari Patka in Delhi — A Talk by Uday S. Kulkarni

It’s indeed a privilege to be here today, and to be called all way from Pune, to speak to the select audience that has been invited here and the purpose of the talk is of course as the title...

Shivaji Statue Facing the Gate of Agra Fort

Source: Joseph T Noony / Twitter.

The Last campaign of Aurangzeb and His Ultimate Defeat So, this point of time Aurangazeb decided, I'm going to embark on the last campaign, going to take all the Forts and established Mugh...

Why Aurangazeb was Unable to Capture Much Territory From the Marathas So, this is the effect of the war in the 1690s, that Marathas were able to raise really strong armies. They followed the same guerrill...

Maratha Commander Santaji Ghorpade Raids Aurangazeb’s Tent Apart from this, there was a very daring raid by Santaji Ghorpade on Aurangazeb’s own camp. At this point of time Aurangazeb’s camp was in, the...

The Reason Why Shivaji Embarked a Campaign to Southern India After doing this, after getting coronated, Chhatrapati Shivaji, embarked on a campaign to South India and he built almost an empire stretching ...

Measures Taken by Shivaji to Defeat the Impending Mughal Aggression Then we come to the Forts, as I mentioned how the Fort of Devagiri was fought or rather lost. And what Shivaji did was, he brought about wide ran...

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India should give shelter to all persecuted Indic communities   I am not going to make the argument that because we don’t have enough resources and it’s already an overpopulated...

Assam – How the Illegal Migrants Determination by Tribunal (IMDT) Act made deportation very difficult

The standard operation procedure for handling refugees in India

The Principle of Non Refoulment does not only mean ‘invite the refugees, settle and rehabilitate them in India’

The number of illegal immigrant population in India and Assam state

How did British Invaders loot India – Will Durant’s ‘The Case for India’   We want to find out what caused poverty in India? I would like to point out 2 works, this is Angus Madison who is a histori...

How did the actions of the economically Right wing people are anti-state

What are the roles of a state and why shouldn’t the State give absolute freedom to citizens

There was never ever a true, pure and good caste system

Savarkar believed that the emergence of a nation is possible only in a modern industrial society

Official map of Rama Janmabhumi (Ayodhya) dated 1717 CE, shows no ‘Babri Masjid’ in site

We Must Understand the Idea That Guided the Islamic Invaders

Why the Supreme Court Must Give a Definitive Verdict in Ayodhya Case

The Iconoclasm Doctrine of Muslim Invaders

Archaeological Findings of Ayodhya excavation and the way Secularist Historians evaded from them

[Q&A] Ayodhya: Old Consensus, Simple Solution- A talk by Dr. Koenraad Elst

Opinion of Eminent Personalities on Ramayana

The Conspiracy to Remove Ram Lalla Statue From Ayodhya During Nehru Regime

Opinion of European Travellers About Ayodhya Site

Literary Evidence on the Destruction of Ram Temple

Vishnuhari Incription and Left Historians Effort to Suppress the Truth

Allahabad District Court Proceedings on Ayodhya Case

How the British Revenue Reports Supports Ayodhya Cause?

Lies Spread by Left Historians to Keep Ramjanmabhumi Babri Masjid Issue Burning

Nihang Sikhs in Ayodhya

The first armed conflict in Ayodhya Site