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Corona Crisis, #TablighJamaat & The Methods Of Political Negotiation That Muslims Developed Since 1857

Source: - @Iyervval / Twitter. https://twitter.com/Iyervval/status/1245366498543058945 2n Given their eviction from power, their society never moved past the feudal structure of power capture by few elite families. Given their weak economic & electoral hand: their tactics have remained consistent: escalating through obstinacy, obstructionism & finally violence.— Abhijit Iyer-Mitra (@Iyervval) April 1, 2020

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[Q/A] The Turkish Origins Of India’s Partition – A Talk By Abhijit Chavda

Main Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Erxm70VGjfE India's undemocratic partition - instigated by Jinnah, accepted by Gandhi and the Congress Party, and midwifed by the British - was a traumatic, epoch-making event that vivisected the world's oldest civilization. It opened wounds that have never healed. Its effects reverberate to this day, in the form of

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Three Famous Arabic Goddesses: In The Middle, Al-Lat (Also Allat, Allatu, Alilat), Manat and Al-Uzza. (From 5th Temple At #Hatra, #Iraq)

Source: - @OsamaSMAmin / Twitter. Rare. 3 famous Arabic goddesses (اللاة و العزة و مناة). In the middle, Al-Lat (also Allat, Allatu, and Alilat) flanked by two smaller female figures, Manat and al-Uzza. From the 5th temple at #Hatra, #Iraq. Parthian period, 1st to 3rd century CE. My #Nikon D750 at

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